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No Nudity


General Hospital, the soap of all soaps, has been on TV for approximately 800 years--it even holds the Guinness World Records title for longest-running American soap opera currently in production. Okay, 800 is an exaggeration, but it did debut in 1963, during the JFK presidency, so yeah, it's been on basically forever. Set in the fictional mamlet of Port Charles, New York, the sudsy show mostly follows the lives of the Quartermaine and Spencer families. The Quartermaine's are super rich but highly eccentric people, who are descendants of English immigrants that survived pirates sinking their ship in the early 1700's. The Spencers aren't quite that old money. Instead they're the more dangerous family who tend to struggle with kids committing crimes and substance abuse problems. Even if you don't know the show, you probably heard about the famous Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) wedding episode, but might not know just how many huge stars appeared on the show. Elizabeth Taylor, Rick Springfield, Demi Moore, John Stamos and even Ricky Martin have all showed up in Port Charles. But the real appeal of the show has always been watching lookers like Kelly Monaco, Annie Wersching, and Sandra Hess as they go about their lives being generally gorgeous, sure to engorge us, and plagued by problems that aren't general in the least. There's no nudity, but plenty of bikini stuff, the best of which being when Kelly lounges in a hot tub wearing just a black bikini. That'll pleas your little General! With eye candy like that on the regular, no wonder people are always willing to check into General Hospital, to check out the newest drama among the pretty people of Port Charles!


Julie Adams

Denise Wilton

Kristina Anapau

Nurse Quinn

Starr Andreeff

A.D.A. Jessica Holmes

Donna Baccala

Dr. Gina Dante Lansing

Carol Bagdasarian

Maureen Morrissey

Kimberly Beck

Samantha Livingston

Lynda Bellingham

Nurse Hilda Price

Susan Bernard

Beverly Cleveland Fairchild

Jennifer Billingsley

Polly Prentice (#2)

Linda Borgeson

Sylvia Whitby

Angel Boris

Angel Ellis

Eileen April Boylan

Sage Alcazar #1

Sarah Brown

Claudia Zacchara

Tia Carrere

Jade Soong

Sharon Case

Dawn Winthrop

Rosalind Cash

Mary Mae Ward

Emma Caulfield Ford

Lorraine Miller

Tamara Clatterbuck

Tammy Carson

Chantal Contouri

Prunella Witherspoon

Nikki Cox

Gina Williams #1

Serah D'Laine

Sarah Webber #2

Tyne Daly

Caroline Beale

Eva La Dare

Xanna Ames

Kristin Davis

Nurse Betsy Chilson

Lydie Denier

Dr. Yasmine Bournoudi

Ami Dolenz

Melissa McKee

Linda Dona

Nancy Eckert

Brioni Farrell

Martha Taylor #1

Denise Galik-Furey

Cindy / Rhonda Wexler

Terri Garber

Victoria Parker

Monica Gayle

Kate Marshall

Mary Pat Gleason

Mother Superior

Nancy Grahn

Alexis Davis

Jennifer Guthrie

Dawn Winthrop #4

Lisa Ann Hadley

Dr. Julie Morris Devlin Ramsey

Kim Hamilton

Dr. Tracy Adams

Jennifer Hammon

Dr. Karen Wexler

Laura Harring

Carla Greco

Terri Hawkes

Wendy Masters

Patricia Healy

Tammy Hansen

Sandra Hess

Sasha Donev

Jennifer Hetrick

Veronica Barrett

Jane Higginson

Arielle Ashton

Leslie Horan

Miranda Jameson / Jacks

Finola Hughes

Anna Scorpio

Sue Ane Langdon

Marge Pulaski

Roberta Leighton

Shirley Pickett

Natalia Livingston

Emily Bowen Quartermaine

Deanna Lund

Peggy Lowell

Elizabeth MacRae

Meg Baldwin (#2)

Vanessa Marcil

Brenda Barrett

Debbie Matenopoulos

Woman at Party

Robin Mattson

Heather Grant

Barbara McNair

Aunt Bettina

Dianna Miranda

Diana (Alcazar's nurse)

Kelly Monaco

Sexy - as Samantha Morgan

7 Pics
Lynne Moody

Florence Campbell

Demi Moore

Jackie Templeton

Jessi Morales

Leticia Juarez

Camilla More

Anna Devane / Scorpio #2

Debbi Morgan

Dr. Ellen Burgess

Shelley Taylor Morgan

Lorena Sharpe

Lycia Naff

Phoebe Dawson

Jaime Ray Newman

Kristina Cassadine

Minae Noji

Dr. Kelly Lee

Nia Peeples

Carla Escobar

Donna Pescow

Gertrude Morgan

Cara Pifko

ADA Louise Addison

Brittney Powell

Summer Holloway

Joan Pringle

Elizabeth Jackson

Maeve Quinlan

Betsy Kensington

Marisa Ramirez

Gia Campbell #1

Kate Rodger

Tess Meadows

Emma Samms

Holly Scorpio

Brenda Scott

Dr. Gina Dante Lansing #2

Jennifer Sky

Sarah Webber

Tava Smiley

Chloe Morgan Ashton

Rena Sofer

Lois Cerullo / Ashton

Riley Steiner

Page Bowen

Lesli Kay Sterling

Lois Cerullo #2

Danica Stewart

Maria Maximiliana / Jones (#5)

Karen Stone

Kate Johnson, R. N.

Kirsten Storms

Maria Maximilliana

Sally Struthers

Jennifer Smith #3

Amber Tamblyn

Emily Bowen Quartermaine

Elizabeth Taylor

Helena Cassadine

Amanda Tepe

Colleen McHenry

Angel Tompkins

Dr. Erna Morris

Janine Turner

Laura Templeton

Angel M. Wainwright

Regina Thompson

Kristina Wayborn

Dr. Greta Ingstrom

Annie Wersching

Amelia Joffe

Alicia Leigh Willis

Courtney Matthews Quartermaine

Sherilyn Wolter

Celia Quartermaine / Putnam

Gwendoline Yeo

Dr. Kelly Lee

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