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MrSkin.com is the world's foremost authority on celebrity nudity, and MrSkin.com is the web's #1 go-to destination for the complete skinny on Hollywood starlets at their hottest. Since 1999, MrSkin.com has grown exponentially, now attracting more than 10 million unique visitors every month who come to experience the site's cast library of sexy celebrity content, including more than 20,000 actress bios, 30,000 movie and TV show reviews and over 200,000 pictures and videos.

Who is Mr. Skin?

Jim McBride - AKA Mr. Skin - is the founder and proprietor of Mr. Skin, the #1 online celebrity nudity entity since 1999. McBride appears as "the world's foremost authority on naked celebs" on more than 500 radio shows annually, including a weekly feature on The Howard Stern Show. McBride has been profiled in The New York Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, and dozens of other publications, as well as on VH1, WGN, and other media outlets.

As Seen On / In

Mr. Skin played a starring role, and was a key plot point in the 2007 Hollywood blockbuster Knocked Up. Over the years, Mr. Skin has also appeared in some of the biggest print and media outlets in the world.