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Skin (2003)

No Nudity


They always say that if Shakespeare were alive today he'd be working in movies and TV. We agree, and it's plain to see that if old 'Speare were here, he'd be working on Skin. It's about porno, but that's not the only reason we know the bawdy Bard and his spear would like it—it also happens to be a modern-day Romeo and Juliet! Our star-crossed lovers are Olivia Wilde and D.J. Catrona, and after going immediately ga-ga for each other at a party, they realize that their families are at war. D.J.'s dad is the D.A.; Liv's dad is L.A.'s top maker of hardcore T&A, and he's in the middle of getting probed and prosecuted for his porn. We know which side we're rooting for!