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Hollow Man

Hollow Man (2000)

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Sure, famed horror director James Whale’s sci-fi horror flick The Invisible Man (1933) starring Gloria Stuart and Claude Rains is a total classic. But does it include nudity? Enter Hollow Man (2000). While this rendition may not be as critically acclaimed, it does feature a bevy of beauties in invisible clothing! In other words, this perverse reboot has Dr. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) taking a potion that renders him invisible. And what red-blooded man wouldn’t want the ability to peep on the pretty ladies without being seen? As such, we are privy to a voyeuristic scene wherein Sebastian’s neighbor (Rhona Mitra) gets ready for bed. Her nightly routine means taking off her bra and panties. She then sits at her mirror where she bares her beautiful breast before going to sleep. Sweet dreams! The chiller diller also includes Josh Brolin, Margot Rose, William Devane, and Elisabeth Shue’s be-thonged buns! As Linda McKay, the blonde bombshell shows off her McPokies, McPanties and McCleavage. Mr. Bacon may be a hollow man, but Ms. Shue is full of sensual arousal! If that doesn’t ignite your animal instincts, check out the naked chest on veterinarian Dr. Sarah Kennedy (Kim Dickens) when Sebastian secretly stares at her. Sadly, going invisible has some bad side effects, like making Bacon go insane. But at least he got to see some crazy-hot babes along the way. We’re not sure how scary this pic really is but it will definitely raise more than the hair on the back of your neck!