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The Informers

The Informers (2008)

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Based on the 1994 short story collection by Bret Easton Ellis, not the 1993 single by Canadian reggae artist Snow, the '80s flashback The Informers (2008) uses loosely connected narratives to paint a picture of sex, drugs, immorality, and decadence in Los Angeles. We've got a foursome between a rich kid (Jon Foster) cheating on his girlfriend (Amber Heard) with a bisexual dude (Austin Nichols) that is also cheating on him with her. There's a rock star (Mel Raido) who specialize in sleeping with underage girls. There's a doorman (Brad Renfro) whose uncle has kidnapped a kid and is keeping him at his house, where he ultimately plans to sell him to a vampire (Diego Klattenhoff). Some poor kid (Lou Taylor Pucci) gets dragged to Hawaii by his dad (Chris Isaak), who is worried he's gay. But when the youngster finds a women he wants to get with, the dad tries to steal her from him. As is to be expected in something from Ellis, it's all debauchery, depression, deceit and moral decay. Critics hated this one, which seems impossible since Amber Heard estimates she spent forty-five percent of the film completely naked! But we're happy to inform you, she's not the only LA girl getting LA-id! There's a bit of tantric teasing via Kim Basinger and Milena Arango in their undies. There are also plenty of girls in bikinis, like Jessica Stroup and Simone Kessell. It seems like every woman has a great form, and loves to wear form fitting clothes in The Informers! But if we're being honest, this one's all about Amber Heard and Valentina Garcia. Valentina and Amber both lounge poolside with no shirts on, then end up in bed together during some wild and kinky group sex. But Valentina doesn't show her vajeena, while Amber puts all three B's on display during an amazing riding scene! The Informers? They should have called this one The Skin-formers!