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Bully (2001)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Every wimp fantasizes about offing their bully, only in this movie they do it. Loosely based on a true story of high-school stoners-turned-killers, Bully (2001) has its share of explicit violence and, more importantly, shockingly explicit full-frontal nudity from the nubile likes (and Mr. Skin likes) of Bijou Phillips and Rachel Miner. There's even a close-up of Bijou's camel-toe white panties with a quick glimpse of a loose lip that raises Mr. Skin's ship. No wonder that camerawork is so shaky; with all that muff on hand, it's hard not to jerk. Rachel miner shows off her Bs so many times throughout this flick that it'd be impossible to even list here! the best of the scenes occur at the beginning of the flick, when you see some full-frontal flesh after a compilation of Miner copulating. A little over 5 minutes later you can see another great hooter shot, complete with a fleeting flash of muff while she gets banged again. A few minutes after that there's a distant side-shot of Rachel's little boobs while she takes a leak followed by a muff shot when she stands up. Bijou shows off her boobies for the camera once, and even bounces them around a bit, undoubtedly to get viewers at home good and excited. Bully is a film by the same director of Kids, which means you're guaranteed to be both disturbed and (in the case of this flick) aroused throughout the duration!