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Scrapbook (2000)

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Everyone knows Casablanca (1942) is a cinematic classic, but did you know it was filmed in two months time? Moonlight (2016) won the Oscar for Best Picture yet its production schedule was only 25 days. And remember Joel Schumacher’s neo-noir thriller Phone Booth (2002)? It was filmed in 10 days! Of course, the Tom Hardy flick Locke (2013) has a lock on the quickest shoot since it clocks in at a mere eight days! Another pic that can be added to this list is Scrapbook (2000). Due to its tight budget, the indie video was shot in less than two weeks. But just because its production time is short doesn’t mean the finished piece won’t make you long in the pants. The BDSM chiller diller focuses on Clara (Emily Haack), a woman who is kidnapped by a serial killer (Tommy Biondo) named Leonard. He puts his captive through plenty of horrible scenes. Due to its NC-17 rating, you can see a lot of the action on screen is not pretty. Having said that, Ms. Haack does happen to be naked. She’s got a lot of curves that would be lovely to view under nicer circumstances. As it stands, she bares her breasts, bush and bum while enduring degrees of degradation. Her character must document these events in Leonard’s scrapbook. Luckily, Clara eventually uses the album to outsmart the bum. But if you want to skip the scary story and fast forward to the good parts, head to the 53- and 1:58-minute marks!