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Hostel (2005)

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Hostel (2005) sounds a lot like hostile but in fact means an inexpensive inn or place of lodging. But as this gory horror picture defines it, hostel is more hostile, featuring a bunch of young ugly Americans yahooing their way across Europe until sadists abduct them. They were just looking for a good time. Thankfully before all the bloody chainsaw action, they (and we) get in some nice sightseeing. Two unknowns, Jana Kaderabkova and Barbara Nedeljakova, are caught undressing. But there's tons of anonymous nudity as the boys make their hedonist way across the continent, including some full-frontal nudity and even photos of pussy lips that are lip-smacking good. Sadly the high times end with a hangover no hair of the dog can cure. Jana shows off her chest cannons the first time at the 20 minute marks, when she bares her sweaty pair in a hot sauna. About five minute we get another look at her luscious love globes while she has sex in the same room as Barbara. If all that's not enough to get you off, you won't want to miss Sandy Style, who at the 46-minute mark the door opens, the travelers walk in, and they're met with the view of Sandy's tits and ass and everything else. Natali Tothova also shows off her three Bs at the 46-minute mark with Sandy. Hostel is home to several skin-ful scenes as well as gratuitous violence that is almost without peer. Hostel will certainly make you hostile toward your pants coming off!