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Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 (2006)

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Made in 3-D, which makes one really want to reach out and grab the ample skin on display, Final Destination 3 (2006) is the third and arguably the best in the scare series. The story is basically the same, with a premonition of death on a rollercoaster saving a group of students. But Death never takes a holiday and comes looking to redeem the lives owed him. The deaths are great—creative and satisfying for the horror fans in the audience. Skin fans will also not be disappointed. Crystal Lowe shows off her beautiful chesticles at the 33-minute mark. Her bikini top pops to show her boobs in a tanning bed alongside another hottie. In the special features you can see more breasticles and extra special bonus booty in a gruesome alternate ending. You can recognize her as the hot brunette. Thankfully this isn’t the final Final Destination. Chelan Simmons also shows off more of her hot body in the special features when her upper torso tonnage and some bonus butt in an alternate frying ending. She's the blonde alongside Crystal. One thing's for sure, flesh fiends will have a great time seeing the increasingly impressive kill scenes with plenty of boob and butt peppered in for a wanking break. There are multiple entries into Final Destination, so if this flick didn't fully scratch your itch for gore there are hours of more movie to explore. Here's to hoping that the franchise lives on, and becomes more skin-ful with every passing entry!