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It's impossible to look into the soft, loving eyes and all-American smile flashing from the face of blonde daughter of Dixie Kim Dickens and not think, "Boy, I'd like to see this honey's rib cakes. And I'd trade my tractor for a peek at her bush." Save your machinery, Billy Bob, and ride it down to the ol' video store. Order up a copy of a movie called Things Beyond the Sun (2001). Try to make sure no one is home when you put it on, because you are guaranteed to have company. Kim is as hot as the dickens in a scene in which she shares a bed with a pair of dudes (nothing gay about it; the men are entirely separated by Kim's naked body). One of her man friends takes her by her ankles and makes like her legs are a wishbone connected at the crotch. In that moment, everybody's wishes come true. That's not the only chance you'll have to admire Kim's rockhard bod. She bares her boobs and hard nipples in Hollow Man (2000), 12 Miles of Bad Road (2000), Treme (2010), and Out of Order (2003) which shows sexy underwater shots of her full body nudity. There is an excellent upskirt shot of her panty-clad ass in Truth of Consequence, N.M. (1997) - that's not the only time you can admire her panties. She wears her skivvies in her debut performance in Palookaville (1995) as well as in The White River Kid (1999). Nudity isn't her only feat! She gives a lusty lesbian kiss in an episode of Deadwood (2006). Of course, there's no need to dickens around with Kim. She's a few shots of her sexy ass to crush on in Sons of Anarchy (2013) when she rides a fella and in House of Cards (2015) when she is going for a ride on top. 

Top Scenes

Hollow Man (2000) Nude, breasts 00:41:12 Kevin Bacon sneaks a peak and then cops a feel of Kim's right breast. Cool special effects! (36 secs)
House of Cards (2013-2018) Nude, breasts Ep. 03x09 | 00:00:35 Some super brief looks at Kim Dickens' suck sacks as she finishes riding a guy and gives us a number of glimpses of those beauties! (1 min 25 secs)
Out of Order (2003) Nude, breasts, butt Tits and ass in bed with Eric Stoltz, who slides his head between her thighs for some chow. (1 min 9 secs)
Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) Nude, butt Ep. 06x10 Plenty of Kim Dickens' rolicking rear end when she takes a ride on Charlie Hunnam. Stick around for the ensuing catfight when Maggie Siff catches her in the act. Meow wow! (49 secs)
Out of Order (2003) Nude, breasts Two nice glimpses of her titlets underwater as she fools around with Eric Stoltz in a pool. (59 secs)
Treme (2010-2013) Nude, breasts Kim Dickens shows both breasts while in bed with her co-worker. (13 secs)
Out of Order (2003) Nude, breasts, butt Underwater breasts and murky buns as she makes out with Eric Stoltz in his submerged flashback. (35 secs)
Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) Nude, butt Ep. 06x03 Kim shows her butt and some side boob as she is riding a guy as Charlie Hunnam peeks in. (12 secs)


Things Behind the Sun (2001) - as Sherry

Hollow Man (2000) - as Sarah

The White River Kid (1999) - as Apple Lisa

Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1998) - as Addy Monroe

Zero Effect (1998) - as Gloria Sullivan

Palookaville (1995) - as Laurie

TV Shows

House of Cards (2013-2018) - as Kate Baldwin

Deadwood (2004-2006) - as Joanie Stubbs

12 Miles of Bad Road - as Jonelle Shakespeare

Big Apple - as Sarah Day

Out of Order (2003) - as Danni

Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014) - as Colette Jane

Treme (2010-2013) - as Janette Desautel

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