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Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive (2001)

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David Lynch loves big titties almost as much as he loves confusing plots and weirdo side characters, and no movie makes that clear like Mulholland Drive (2001). Hollywood is the city of dreams—wet dreams in this twisted Lynchian masterwork that follows the ultra-hot, small town jitterbug champion Betty (Naomi Watts) as she heads to her aunt's house in LA to try and make it as an actress. But when she gets to the apartment, there's an amnesia suffering woman named Rita (Laura Harring) living there. Since you never call a cop when there's a chance a woman will take off her top, Betty lets her stick around, and together they try to figure out who she is and how she ended up there, while also running headfirst into coffee obsessed mafia bosses feuding with film directors (Justin Theroux), dudes dreaming about terrifying homeless people who suddenly appear in real life, and characters suddenly completely switching names, faces, and the actors playing them. It's definitely a head-scratcher—for both heads. Keeping track of the surreal plot is fun enough, and if you want to read up on what the flick's really about you can find a dizzying amount of blogs about it, but what will really have you rewatching the film is all the lesbian action. And to think it was almost never filmed! The illustrious Lynch reveals in his autobiography that Mulholland Drive was originally intended to be a series on ABC, with Laura and Naomi as co-conspirators, not lovers. Fortunately for us, it was instead made into an international feature, with a ton of nudity! Laura Harring might lose her memory after a car crash, but she sure remembers how to kiss and fondle and suck and grind against Naomi Watts when their puzzling paths cross in this twisted, torrid tale of Hollyweird. We don't know if being an amnesiac is an aphrodisiac, but these chicks are horny! You'll never forget seeing all three of Laura's B's while she's boning Miss Watts, bagel to bagel! And the short haired blonde isn't afraid to display her boppers, either! Good lick trying to mull over all the deep imagery in the movie after seeing that! Sure, there are some pokies from Rena Riffel and Lori Heuring in a bra, but this one's all about Watts and Harring. No scene in film history will send your sex drive into hyperdrive like the Sapphic sex scene in Mulholland Drive!