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The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs (2021)

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Michael Mohan, the creator of Netflix's series Everything Sucks, takes his talents over to Amazon for the feature film The Voyeurs (2021). The film follows twenty something couple Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith) who think they've got it made after they land the apartment of their dreams. However, soon after moving in they realize that their windows give them a very clear view of the adjacent apartments, particularly one looking into the home of photographer Seb (Ben Hardy) and his partner Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo). As Pippa and Thomas become more and more consumed with the seemingly abusive relationship between their neighbors, their imagination begins to get the best of them, Rear Window style, as they worry that they're reading more into what they're seeing than might actually be going on. In a bid to put their own conflicted feelings to rest, the couple decides to anonymously intervene in their neighbors lives, which ultimately ends up leading to more trouble than they had initially bargained for... Rear Window style. So it might not be the most original premise, but we can more than guarantee that this flick is going to satisfy your urges, being as chock full of skin as it is! Shutterbug Seb seemingly has a non-stop parade of nude women posing for pics, with Cait Alexander and Blessing Adedijo both going topless for photo sessions! We also get the bare assed nude debut of Natasha Liu Bordizzo when she goes skinny dipping and threesome breasts from nudecomer Sandrine Bergeron, but the best skin of all from Sydney Sweeney comes in the film's final half hour! Sydney gives us some great looks at her breasts during a spoiler-ific sex scene we won't give the details of, but needless to say it's the highlight of this highlight reel of a film! When it comes to The Voyeurs, we know that you'll love to watch!