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Daisy Diamond

Daisy Diamond (2007)

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The daring Danish drama Daisy Diamond (2007) stars Noomi Rapace as Anna, an aspiring actress who moves from Sweden to Copenhagen, abandoning her wealthy family to try and make it as an actress. But thanks to her heroin addict boyfriend, it ends up Daisy has a bun in the oven, so soon enough she's a single mom trying to take care of her kid and become a movie star at the same time. Daisy's dream chasing turns nightmarish when she drowns her baby in the bathtub, and decides the only way she'll make it as an actress is by making love onscreen. Yes, Daisy starts performing in porno movies and ultimately becomes the lesbian sex slave of a producer (Trine Dyrholm). Sorry Daisy, but life isn't all sunshine and roses. While the flick's depressing, the bods on display are constantly impressing. The amorous Annika Amour, who is a real life porn star, will have you wanting a lot more after seeing her go full frontal while filming a XXX scene. Looking stoic with a strap on dick, Trine Dyrholm's milfy jugs look great, beautifully bouncing as she rails Daisy from behind. But the best part of the flick is that Noomi gets nudie throughout the movie. No, Daisy Diamond doesn't have DD's, but her perky pair are gorgeous whether on display while she gets it doggy style with a strap-on dildo in a graphic Sapphic sex scene, returns the favor by pegging some dude in a blonde wig, strips down and hops in the bathtub, or just checks herself out in the mirror. She even lets us watch her shave her pubes, with a very revealing look at her lips. The original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009) will make you spew, because this diamond likes it rough! It's a shame Daisy had to deal with such a rough life.