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Love (2015)

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Love (2015) is the latest—and surprisingly, the tamest—film from director Gaspar Noé. A semi-autobiographical story, it recounts the story of an American man named Murphy who lost the love of his life when he got another woman pregnant. It starts in the present, showing Murphy (Karl Glusman) lying in bed next to his current girlfriend Omi (Klara Kristin). Their infant son starts to cry, and Murphy gets a call from the mom of his ex-girlfriend Electra (Aomi Muyock). She hasn't heard from Electra in a while, and she's worried that's she's committed suicide. The film then flashes back to what caused the ominous break up: After Electra invited Omi into their bed for a threesome, Murphy and Omi started having an affair that got Omi pregnant on the side. Ouch.   Produced by Vincent Maraval of Blue Is the Warmest Color, Love is incredibly erotic (almost hardcore) and features tons of unsimulated sex. We see all three Bs on both Aomi and Klara during hot and heavy sex scenes with Karl and each other. First we watch Aomi stroke Karl's shaft while he plays with her lady bits before he comes, and just a bit later he goes down on Klara before we see a close-up of the condom breaking. The 8-minute threesome scene might be the hottest in the whole movie, but then again, it might be the 3D POV shot of a P entering a V. Don't take our word for it, though—you're going to watch to experience all the love in this one yourself.