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We (2018)

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Ah, what to do during the summer when you're a bored teen stuck on in a boring border town between the Netherlands and Belgium???  Well, the movie We aka Wij (2018) takes you on an unflinching journey following 4 boys and 4 girls who do everything they can to break the monotony of the just going for a dip in the lake or a bike ride on their summer break.  With an ever escalating series of dares between the group of friends, they find themselves going down the rabbit hole of experimentation, curious sexual liaisons, low rent crimes, and the deepest and darkest side of their own moral turpitude.  These kids aren't scared to try anything, including sexing each other down in a full-on un-simulated porn shoot, where the actors are really having sex!!!  They also dabble in prostitution, blackmail, dog-napping, and more and more crimes as they push themselves farther and farther.  All the female leads in this movie get fully nude at one point or another!  Laura Drosopoulos, Pauline Casteleyn, Maxime Jacobs, Salomé van Grunsven, Gaia Sofia Cozijn, and Lieselot Siddiki all go full frontal at various times throughout the movie.  This flick pushed some serious boundaries on the festival circuits when it first premiered and now that it has come stateside, it's "in your face" Harmony Korine-esque style will kick your horniness up a level with it's hot young stars!