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Survival Island

Survival Island (2005)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Both Gilligan’s Island and Survival Island feature a shipwrecked millionaire and his wife. But that’s where the similarities end since the popular ’60s sitcom isn’t as thrilling as Stewart Raffill’s 2004 erotic thriller! Billy Zane plays Jack, the moneyed spouse of Jennifer, who is portrayed by the fantastically full-bodied, all natural knockout Kelly Brook. Together with their manservant Manuel (Juan Pablo di Pace), the couple crashes on a tropical locale. As one might expect, when there’s only one gorgeous woman to go around between two macho competitors, Jack and Manuel start to plot against one another in hopes of gaining Jen’s attention. Of course, the only plot that you’ll undertake while watching this R-rated flick is how to handle the palm tree that springs up in your lap whenever Ms. Brook appears on screen. We trust you won’t need a survival manual to know what to do — especially when Kelly struts her stuff in the buff! While on the beach, she can be seen rocking an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie takes it off to bare her buoyant breasts and booty in the water. While on the sand, the sexy stunner gets busy with her Latin lover. And you thought “Sex on the Beach” was just a drink! At the risk of repetition, Brook mounts Zane indoors. As she rides him, we are treated to views of her beautiful nude boobs! Breast of all, her hands are tied to show off her kinky side!