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Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid (1989)

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Carré Otis is a sexy young lawyer sent to Brazil with sexy old lawyer Jacqueline Bisset in the sexy erotic thriller Wild Orchid (1998). Carré plays Emily Reed, the barely past passing the bar lawyer who heads to Rio with the more established attorney Claudia (Jacqueline Bisset), looking to finalize the sale of a hotel. To close the deal Emily has to meet with the wealthy multi-millionaire James Wheeler (Mickey Rourke), who introduces her to a whole new world of decadent dicking. But not from James' junk. Mr. Wheeler doesn't grease his own wheels, he just likes to watch, since he's got all sorts of intimacy issues stemming from a bad childhood. But when some of the fellas Emily gets down with end up being part of the hotel sale, thing get complicated. Director Zalman King packs this steamy drama with plenty of selections from his usual erotic catalogue, with too many nude bodies to count and credit. Anya Sartor still stands out with her writhing naked under a waterfall during some darkly lit doing it, while Assumpta Serna will get your crotch blooming as a wife who is having marital problems, until James encourages her to have sex with her husband in the back of their limo. She obliges and we watch as Mickey ogles her titties while her hubby feels her up. Miss Bisset still has it when she dons a braless T-shirt that’s reminiscent of her wetter days in The Deep (1977), but this one's all about the rumored real sex scene between Carré and her real life boyfriend Mickey Rourke. She denies it was the real deal Rourke porking, but seeing her bush, her ass, and Oh those tits, had us hoping Miss Otis really gave us a glimpse of what hot, sweaty sex with her would be like. In Wild Orchid, it looks wild!