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Chained Heat

Chained Heat (1983)

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The difference between the pussy-in-prison flick Chained Heat (1983) and the rest is that it showcases the head-turning charms of Exorcist star Linda Blair—and what a pair of charms she has (and shows!). Heat also features every movie nerd's favorite authority figure, John Vernon (he was Dean Wormer in Animal House [1978]), as the wickedly perverse warden who gets to take a hot tub with the full-frontal sponge Monique Gabrielle and the big bouncing bosom of Marcia Karr. Sybil Danning and Edy Williams round out the fleshy crew of criminals for a thoroughly pleasant prison sentence. One of the best skin-ful shots in the flick takes place a mere 31 minutes in. It shows the jugs of Linda, Sybil, and Jennifer while they all shower together. Around the same time stamp, Sybil and Linda face off in the prison showers. Ton of beautiful boobage from both! Then we reach group shower nirvana when Linda and Sharon bare their chest globes while getting wet. Earlier in the film, you can get a full-frontal flash from Monique when she shows off to the Warden, then bares that gorgeous ass as she climbs into the tub with the crusty old (and lucky) man! Then there's the effortless hotness of Marcia revealing her remarkable rack in the shower while her girlfriend Edy gives her a hand soaping up. Oh, and if you happen have a memory of a scene where John Vernon assaults Linda Blair, you're not imagining things, the scene was removed from all versions of the film post-VHS... and for good reason, we feel! One thing's for sure, you could turn on this flick at any point and find something worth masturbating over. Your member won't stay chained up for long!