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Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Said to be inspired by true events, Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) is a 2015 French film that gives Larry Clark movies like Kids (1995) a run for their money! In the suburbs of Southwestern France, Alex (Finnegan Oldfield) is lucky enough to live on his own while his mom works abroad. Our pal Al knows how to work a broad too, since him and his buddies all host giant drug fueled orgies on the weekend that they film for their own password protected website. Inevitably, pregnancies, STDs, jealously and generic teen drama invades the carefree sex parties and ruin all the fun, as the parties become known to the world when someone starts leaking the footage. Will you learn about love and life? We have no idea because we're far too distracted by the nubile bodies on display! It's tough to tell a cautionary tale, when we're so jealous of all the prime tail the teenyboppers are getting! Lea Bertin bares her boobs and butt during a sex scene and a rack out lounge session, but some of her more well endowed co-stars match or one-up her by showing their chests and buns too, with one showing all three B's. Yes, Daisy Broom and Mathilde Cartoux bare boobs and butt, while Marilyn Lima shows all three B's. Broom's breasts are on display when she's getting the boom-boom in missionary, as well as when she also flashes her buns going skinny dipping. We wish Ms. Broom would ride our broomstick! Cartoux shows both while lying around with all her buddies, naked, but Lima shows all her thangs to the gang. Have a look at everything Marilyn has to offer during one of her numerous naked strolls, or watching her have sex with Alex. Mr. Skin wishes he'd get an invite to the getting it in party. While we all have our favorites, we'd like to bang every member of the gang in Banggang (A Modern Love Story)