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Warrior Queen

Warrior Queen (1987)

Hall of Fame Nudity!


Sybil Danning gets top billing in Warrior Queen (1987), also known as Last Days of Pompeii, but she never shows her top in this story of gladiators and naked slaves from the good old days. In the film, Pompeii is chock full of slave women responsible for household chores and sexing these rich bores. Working your hands raw all day, then getting rawdogged by some dude all night, is a pretty raw deal for the slaves, but they don't see a way out. That all changes when Berenice (Sybil Danning) starts getting her Harriet Tubman on, fighting and freeing a ton of them. That makes her public enemy number one for guys like the Emperor Clodius (Donald Pleasence). She's a marked woman with great rack and a target on her back, but finds a huge opportunity to free all the female slaves when Mount Vesuvius erupts, and chaos ensues. Can our queen free these captives, and keep them from being turned into Pompeii's famous frozen in ash, dead body statues? Remember the photo of the dude from Pompeii, forever frozen in ash, who looked like he spent his last moment on Earth cracking stick one last time? After watching this one, you'll understand why he couldn't help but touch his cock while pelted with molten rock. See, this sword and sandal flick is full of women who are as hot as lava! Until that mountain shoots its load, you can shoot yours with many nude views of Tally Chanel as Vespa, not the Italian scooter, but the new, high ponytailed, blonde slave girl. No wonder the Romans were so pissed to see their slaves escaping. That girl from Pompeii has some incredible pom-poms. We best she's an amazing lay! Thanks to women like that, Warrior Queen will stiffen your peen!