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Tropical Snow

Tropical Snow (1989)

Hall of Fame Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Ciro Duran
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 04/19/1990
  • Country: USA, Colombia
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We love all films tropical — whether the actors speak Spanish in Tropical Ecstasy (1970) and Carmin Tropical (2014) or English in Tropical Tease (1994) and Tropical Heat (1993). The Columbian-USA production Tropical Snow (1989) exudes foreign flair yet is American enough where no translations are needed. This R rated drama centers around Tavo (Jsu Garcia, credited as Nick Corri) and Marina (Madeleine Stowe). While living in impoverished Bogotá, they long for a better life in New York City. They’re so poor, they can’t even afford pajamas which explains why they sleep in the buff. Actually, it’s because they’re in lust. And once you get a gander at Marina’s naked T&A, you’ll be smitten too. In fact, she flashes her rack while getting it on with her man on land and sea. In between, Madeleine’s back and breasts can be seen when she puts on a red dress to work as an escort. Eventually, Tavo and Marina find a chance to move. But it means they must smuggle coke (the drug, not the soft drink) into JFK International. This goal is easier said than done and Tavo winds up dying en route. Marina lives — only to get caught and serve time in a US prison before being sent back to Colombia. Well, at least they tried. The movie also includes David Carradine as a drug dealer and Tim Allen in his film debut as a baggage handler. Mr. Skin would gladly work for nothing if he could handle Ms. Stowe’s boobage!