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Showgirls (1995)

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Forget everything you've heard about Showgirls (1995). It is quite simply, the greatest movie ever made. Leaving her squeaky clean Saved by the Bell persona behind, Elizabeth Berkley roars into Las Vegas and takes over Sin City. Her character, Nomi Malone, heads to Vegas to try and make it as a showgirl, but has to start her career as a bottom-rung lap dancer. Eventually landing an audition at the famed club, Cheetah's, Nomi auditions via a girl on girl lap dance with Cristal (Gina Gershon) and another with Cristal's boyfriend Zack (Kyle MacLachlan). Zack puts her in his big-time casino show, which really pisses off Cristal, who was the club's big star. Cristal isn't going to take getting surpassed lying down, and soon the rivalry turns downright dangerous. But also somehow sexual. Directed by Robocop (1987) director Paul Verhoeven and written by Flashdance (1983) screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, this legendary bomb and Razzie record setter was the first NC-17 rated film given a wide theatrical release. But while it was obliterated by critics, ruined any shot Berkley had of transitioning to movie stardom, and killed any chance of mainstream NC-17 flicks hitting the theaters becoming the next Hollywood trend, it's become a cult classic. Why? Because this flick's sex scenes and nonstop nudity have become legendary. Most of the most remembered stuff comes from Berkley, whether it's her absurdly over the top pool sex with Kyle McLachlan, where you're not sure if she's about to orgasm or about to drown, her letting a mans suck on her nipples before threatening him with a knife and karate kicking him in the face, her wildly aggressive three B baring dance routine alongside Rena Riffel, or just letting Gina Gershon play with her nipples, every scene she's in features something sexy but also hilarious. The former Jesse Spano had us so excited, and we just couldn't hide it! Mostly since we had such a raging hard on. Aside from all the lesbian action, Gershon's best routine includes her coming out of a volcano topless. To quote her character, we like nice tits. Always have. How about you? We're sure you do, too, so lucky for all of us it's not just the stars. We also get skinema from Ungela Brockman, Bethany Chesser, Maria Diaz, Carrie Ann Inaba, Melinda Singer, Lin Tucci, Bobbie Phillips and Gina Ravera. How can a flick bomb with all those bomb ass titties in it? From sleazy strip-bar antics to S&M variety acts and catfights, these girls really do show it all in Showgirls!