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Maid to Order

Maid to Order (1987)

Brief Nudity


In the style of It’s a Wonderful Life, Ally Sheedy plays a rich girl who gets her comeuppance in Maid to Order (1987). Spoiled teenager Jessie (Ally Sheedy) is living the good life thanks to the support of her millionaire father, Charles Montgomery (Tom Skerritt). But after Jessie gets arrested her father wishes out loud that she’d never been born, and fairy godmother Stella (Beverly D'Angelo) grants the wish. Now Jessie has no name or money and must learn to survive in the real world, and maybe learn a very special lesson about life.It’s a dark scene but when Ally Sheedy goes skinny-dipping you can get a gander at her moist mams and muff through the water. That’ll get your jets pumping!