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The Big Bet

The Big Bet (1985)

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Gal-less geek and chronic masturbator Chris (Lance Sloan) bets his buddies that he can get the nicely nipped new girl Beth (Kim Evenson) into bed within ten days in The Big Bet (1985). Truly one of the horniest men ever put on screen, Chris is constantly fantasizing about having some fun with every girl he meets. He mostly strikes out, though, which makes him the butt of a bunch of the jerky jock Norman's (Ron Thomas) jokes. When a hot new minister's daughter named Beth (Kim Evenson) enrolls in their school, Norman bets his car against Chris' that Chris can't bang her within ten days. Foolishly, Chris takes the bet because he doesn't realize Norman has stacked the deck against Chris by blackmailing Beth! Norman is threatening to reveal a rumor that she was the star of a skintastic orgy at her previous high school if she even thinks about sleeping with the nerd. Confused and clueless, Chris seems like his goose is cooked, his car's a goner, and he's going to have to walk since she's not going to go near his cock. But his life takes a turn for the breast when he delights in a little sex education from the seasoned older sweetie (Stephanie Blake) who just moved in across the street and claims she can teach him how to make the minister's daughter want to do all sorts of sinning with him. The only thing more stacked than the odds are the bods in this classic eighties sex comedy. The legendary Monique Gabrielle is just one of the women Chris dreams of having sex with, imagining that she'd show all three B's while banging him in an elevator. Sylvia Kristel is a hottie who Chris peeps on in the shower, before she eventually lets him play with her hooters. Stephanie Blake is our MILFy sex tutor, teaching Chris all about how to please a woman by showing every bit of her womanhood as the curly haired cougar lets the young and hung man try some new stuff in bed with her. But the best tits in the whole flick belong to the busty blonde Kim Evenson, who goes topless a few times as the object of the bet. Whether Chris is pulling her shirt up to help her cool off, letting him play with her jugs, or just going for a skinny dip, we bet you'll enjoy every shot of the Minister daughter's big titties in The Big Bet!