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Shortbus (2006)

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Writer-director John Cameron Mitchell's follow-up to his cult transsexual epic Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) is an unrated, uninhibited examination of sexual daredevils exploring the outermost reaches of erotic possibilities. Shortbus (2006) chronicles the underground New York City club of the title, where clothes come off and bodies get close—regardless of size, shape, gender, or any other restrictions. Sook-Yin Lee plays a couples therapist who has never experienced an orgasm. Dealing with her patients ignites a quest to achieve her own climax, inevitably leading her to the omnisexual happenings at Shortbus. What Sook-Yin finds there will prompt viewers to their own happy endings as well. Viewers at home will find plenty to wank over throughout the course of this skin-tastic flick, including a scene a mere 3 minutes in that shows Lee's three B's as she enjoys some acrobatic muff munching and wild sex on a piano and bed. This isn't just acting either, we're seeing this hottie really getting it on! If you keep watching, which you probably will as this is quite a good movie on its own merits, you'll also see the likes of Lindsay Beamish and Shanti Carson looking sexy as hell and nude throughout the course of the film's relatively short runtime. Shortbus is a turly unique take on the many ways human sexuality takes it form, and any flesh fiend should take some time out of their day, grab their favorite bottle of lube, and watch with mastur-bated breath as the nude proceedings commence!