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After Hours

After Hours (1985)

Brief Nudity

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After Raging Bull (1980) but before Goodfellas (1990), legendary director Martin Scorsese tried his hand at dark comedy with After Hours (1985). Shot entirely at night, it’s about an office drone named Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne) who catches a glimpse of a lady named Marcy (Rosanna Arquette) one night, chats her up for a while, and soon enough they've arranged to meet at Marcy’s apartment. But while Paul thinks he's about to get lucky, he gets hit with the worst streak of bad luck ever put onscreen. From lost money and having to do faraway favors in exchange for subway tokens, all the way to stumbling upon a dead body, Paul can't seem to catch a break trying to get a little action. Can Mr. Hackett hack it, or will the Mean Streets (1973) have their way with him before he can have his way with Marcy? After Hours features Rosanna Arquette at the height of her sexual powers. The woman who inspired all sorts of rock hits has no nude scenes, but she sure comes close, lying in a bed wearing nothing but a g-string and covering up her rack with her arm. That bod will make you a Rose-fanna! However, while Miss Arquette keeps covered, as Marcy's sculptor roommate Kiki (Linda Florentino)gives us a bit of tit action, along with plenty of underwear scenes. Linda will floor you when she strips down to flash Paul in her apartment, even if he doesn't manage to get freaky with Kiki. It might might not be one of Marty's best known films, but while his others explore the desire for power and prestige, this one's all about the insatiable hunger for some open legs late at night. For that reason, when it comes to Scorsese movies, others might have different favorites, but After Hours is definitely ours!