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Trading Places

Trading Places (1983)

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Legendary actors Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy star in Trading Places (1983), a classic comedy about a Harvard-educated stockbroker and a streetwise con artist who get caught up in a bet by evil millionaires. The real stars, though, are Jamie Lee Curtis’s breasts. She steals the film as a hooker who takes in the newly destitute Aykroyd. The best of the breast scenes occurs about an hour into the flick. It's a nice, well-lit gander at Jamie Lee's glorious globes when she doffs her shirt in front of a mirror and a rather beaten-down Dan. It's a rack worth wanking over for sure! The unveiling of her vampish va-vooms wouldn’t be equaled until the hype for Halle Barry in Swordfish (2001). However, don’t neglect Kristin Holby as Aykroyd’s rich gal pal from his former life. She doesn’t get nude, but her brief role is a high point in the cinematic history of incredibly sexy WASP women. You can also get a great look At A topless Barra Kahn as she hops out of bed to greet Eddie Murphy. It's 42 minutes into the movie, but it's more than worth the wait! Man Central has scoured every moment of this flick for more evidence of masturbation fuel. There are plenty of hot ladies to fantasize about, but all the naughty stuff has been adequately categorized, with Lee Curtis' tits as the undeniable stars of the film. When it comes to this classic comedy, you can come in for Aykroyd and Murphy, and you'll find plenty to get hard over when the nudity begins!