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School Spirit

School Spirit (1985)

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Genius is seldom without inspiration. Proponents of divine intervention have long claimed the concept for Booty Call (1997) came straight to the filmmakers from God. But the truth may be that a past viewing of School Spirit (1985) planted the creative seed since the plot follows a college dude who has persuaded the co-ed of his dreams to join him in bed-top conjugation, but with one caveat — he must first obtain a condom. But when the rubber seeker dies in a tragic car crash, School Spirit goes ghost! If you were freshly dead and suddenly able to venture unseen into any private place in the material world, would your first stop be the girls’ shower room back at your dear, departed alma mater? If so, you’ve been struck with the same brush of brilliance as this flick’s screenwriter Geoffrey Baere. Perhaps that’s why the supernatural comedy was one of the first films released from Roger Cormans distribution company Concorde Pictures. As such, fans of the flesh can expect to see plenty of nude boobies on the screen! Leslee Bremmer bares her breasts as she wrassles with another girl while playing Chicken in the pool. Marlene Janssen makes even something as mundane as leg-shaving look totally erotic since she’s topless! After Becky LeBeau exposes her LeBoobs, Pam Ward shows off her bronzed rack and rump as a dude takes peeping to the next level by rendering himself invisible to check her out. Needless to say, more than your spirits will be raised!