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The Arena

The Arena (1974)

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The Academy loved Ridley Scott’s Gladiator (2000) so much, it awarded the movie with an Oscar for Best Picture. But if you’re looking for more skintastic action, swap out the sweaty men for curvaceous cuties. No doubt, that’s why all roads lead to Italy’s The Arena (1974), not to be confused with 2001’s Russian/American movie of the same name. Also known as La rivolta delle gladiatrici and Naked Warriors, the R rated pic assumes the Romans started getting low ratings at the Coliseum so, to spice things up, they added female fighters. Fresh from the prison flick Black Mama, White Mama (1972), come Pam Grier and Margaret Markov as Mamawi and Bodicia, respectively. Along with Deidre (Lucretia Love) and Livia (Marie Louise), these enslaved babes flash their flesh as a randy thing happens to them on the way to the forum. Throughout the ancient saga, Margaret repeatedly reveals her rack. The same can be said of Pam who also flaunts her gams, snatch and be-thonged ass. That is, when she’s not donning a sexy two-piece to perform a harem dance. In addition to Marie Louise’s naked chest and Lucretia’s full frontal nudity, we are treated to the bare breasts on Lucinia (Maria Pia Conte) in bed and in battle. If these strong stunners survive the fight, their reward is to bang the male gladiators. Perhaps that’s why one hottie asks, “By the gods, will we be called upon to satisfy their animal heat?” Fisticuffs followed by sex puts butts in the seats!