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Homework (1982)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

Top Scene


Every young man needs a teacher — even when she’s not associated with a school. That’s the tale of Tommy (Michael Morgan). Despite the fact that the young dude is a punk rock star, he’s still a virgin. After trying to score with girls his own age, the high schooler has eyes (and another part of his anatomy) for his classmate’s mom (Joan Collins). If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Jacqueline Bisset as a British MILF who seduces her son’s pal played by Andrew McCarthy in the risqué romp Class (1983). Indeed, Ms. Collins is one classy dame. Perhaps that’s why the Dynasty (1981-1989) star fails to flash her Alexis Carringtons. In fact, the scenes that showcase her character’s bare breasts are actually performed by body double Joy Micheal, who’s a joy to see. Speaking of, check out the nude boobs on an uncredited magazine model (Barbara Peckinpaugh) just one minute into the movie. When the topless Ms. Peckinpaugh reveals her rack, she makes us want to paw our pecker! Similarly, actress Michelle Bauer goes under the radar per her uncredited portrayal of a topless groupie. Ironically, it was Ms. Collins and her co-stars Carrie SnodgressBetty Thomas, and Lee Purcell who wanted to get their names removed from the credits. Nevertheless, the movie includes shapely Shell Kepler and the aptly-named Annie Ample, who unleashes her colossal cans on camera. Suffice it to say, this is the kind of homework you’ll want to take home and work hard on!