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Malice (1993)

Brief Nudity

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From Dead Calm (1989) to The Undoing (2021), Nicole Kidman has made herself at home in big and small screen thrillers. Whether playing a damsel in distress or a secret villainess, the redhead has lent sexiness to The Paperboy (2012), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), To Die For (1995), and Malice (1993). Adapted from a story by Jonas McCord, the latter neo-noir flick centers around the Safians, a young married couple that long to have children. When Tracy (Kidman) becomes pregnant, her husband Andy (Bill Pullman) is over the moon — until she loses the baby during emergency surgery by the fraudulent Dr. Jed Hill (Alec Baldwin). No doubt, the bad doctor was distracted by Nurse Tanya (Debrah Farentino). In fact, the pretty practitioner reveals her rack and rump during a hump with Jed in bed at the 26-minute mark. What would Dr. Martin Kessler (George C. Scott) think? Meanwhile, immersed in a multimillion dollar malpractice suit, Andy discovers that he is sterile. With the knowledge that his spouse has been wanton, will the cuckold also learn that Tracy is a temptress turncoat in league with the fishy physician? As you can guess, plot twists, seductive shenanigans and some gripping suspense scenes follow suit. Speaking of suits, Ms. Kidman bares her birthday suit while pulling her man Pullman 14 minutes into the movie. As Det. Dana Harris (Bebe Neuwirth) searches for justice, audiences encounter Mrs. Kennsinger (Anne Bancroft), a waitress (Ann Cusack), and Paula Bell played by a fresh-faced up-and-comer named Gwyneth Paltrow!