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Risky Business

Risky Business (1983)

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Tom Cruise dancing around in his whitey tighties might be the most famous scene in Risky Business (1983), but there's a ton of sexy women showing skin in the iconic eighties teen sex comedy. Tom plays Joel Goodsen, a high school business club go-getter who lives by the motto "What the fuck?" Following that bit of advice sends him off on a wild weekend when he's left home alone, that includes drinking, cruising around in his dad's Porsche, and ordering the high-priced whore Rebecca De Mornay. After a skinful night with the raunchy Rebecca, Cruise finds himself in a pickle thanks to his crashing daddy's high priced sports car and not having the cash to pay for it. Naturally, the only solution is to use Lana and her ladies of the night coworkers to turn his house into a brothel for a little bit, and make all sorts of cash. But, with his big Princeton interview coming up, turning your house into a hooker den, dealing with all their pimps, and risking a bunch of dudes doing something to your house is indeed some risky business. This teen sex comedy is a classic, but if you're looking to skip past the plot and get right to the wristy business then direct your cock to Francine Locke, who shows her buns and boobies while Tom watches her shower. That fog covered silhouette alone is so hot it's silly! But this one was all about Rebecca De Mornay, who had all the eighties fellas so dam de Hornay it wasn't even funny. Warm up your appetites with the look at the blonde goddess beaming out of a white sweater with a matching tennis skirt and pretend she's a good girl, then watch her go full frontal while giving Tom everything he paid for and more in front of an open set of French doors and you'll know she's not. No movie had us wanting to invest in the frisky business like Risky Business!