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Tomboy (1985)

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The '80s will be remembered as the zenith of that filmic genre called the teen sex comedy, and regardless of what the no humor having critics say, one of the best from that era is Tomboy (1985). It tells the story of a girl named Tomasina "Tommy" Boyd (Betsy Russell), who is the tomboy of the title. Tom-Boyd, tomboy, get it? Tommy is into all the macho things dudes typically dig, like boxing, fixing and racing cars, and playing basketball. Suddenly, the hottest race car driver on the scene Randy Starr (Gerard Christopher) shows up, and Tommy's estrogen engine gets all revved up. But Randy is a hardcore misogynist, who wants women barefoot and pregnant, not putting the pedal to the metal. Tommy decides she'll race him to prove women can do anything men can, and the montage filled flick ends in the big showdown. Speaking of showing, rather than cast an actual tomboy looking lady, the movie stars brunette beauty Betsy Russell, who pops her hood to show her beau her perky pistons during a backseat sex scene. At another point, she rides a dirtbike into a stream, and the tee shirt is so wet and transparent she opts to take it off completely. We also get to see her rear end while she showers before throwing on her manly clothing. We're supposed to pretend that because she's a mechanic, all the fellas wouldn't be trying to rail, nail and screw her? With those big Tom bombs? No chance! Naturally Betsy has a blonde slut of a girlfriend, played skintastically by Kristi Somers, who can't seem to keep her top on. She's even part of a group shower scene, where some other busty babe strolls by her and it's a tits out fiesta! You know this movie's good when former Penthouse Pet and porn star Michelle Bauer has an uncredited topless scene in the backseat of a Corvette and Cynthia Thompson's tatas are on display as she serves drinks in a pool. We wish all female empowerment flicks showed this many topless chicks! Boy oh boy are the women in Tomboy sexy!