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Basic Training

Basic Training (1985)

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Basic Training (1985) starts off as a progressive flick about sexual harassment in the boy's club that is the US Military, right before deciding to be the weirdest plotted sex comedy of the 1980s at the halfway mark. Ann Dusenberry is Melinda, an entry-level worker at the Pentagon who can't go five minutes without some General trying to play with her privates. When she won't give any of the military brass a piece of her ass, she gets fired and hatches a plan. Go to the media and out these pervs? Sue for as much money as she can get her hands on for having dealt with all these handsy dudes? Nope, she decides to use their horniness to her advantage and seduce these sleazeballs to make her way up the government ladder. Yes, the Military Industrial Complex ladder isn't ready for a busty blonde that oozes sex, and soon enough Melinda realizes that generals are major hard-ons and will do anything a bare bosom says. Soon, Ann is running the military, and when she discovers that the Russian Bear is just as frisky, world domination is next on her arousing agenda. Along the way a slew of extras, including Barbara Peckinpaugh, get viewers' peckers in paw with ample, anonymous nudity. Erika Dockery had us tugging our hickory dickory when she unveiled her breasts for a military man. Angela Aames proves her aim is true and flashes titty in the bathtub, while Rhonda Shear flashes jug while riding a whale of a guy to the big O, and we don't mean ocean. But it's Ann Dusenberry whose delightful chest cannons saved the day when she shows her tit to a Soviet more than willing to tell military secrets for a chance at sex. Yes, hot babes won the cold war! Thanks to Ann and her carnal corps, you and your army of one will be very happy! As long as dudes with D's are running the DOD, hotties like Ann Dusenberry can rise the ranks by rising the franks like in Basic Training