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10 to Midnight

10 to Midnight (1983)

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Charles Bronson is the ultimate tough guy. But while he's best known for having to operate outside of the law, in 10 to Midnight (1983) he's got a badge, a gun, and the police force of Los Angeles at his disposal, so the baddies have no chance! At least, until he has to go rogue and do what they won't, once more. In this one Bronson plays Detective Leo Kessler, an LAPD Detective who's been tasked with tracking down a serial killer that's been slaughtering the women of LA. The killer's Warren Stacey (Gene Davis), and thanks to one of his victims writing in her diary about all the weird dudes she comes across, Kessler knows it. Since Stacey's been careful, Kessler plants evidence to convict him, which instead gets him kicked off the police force. But Kessler doesn't stop there, he decides to chase down the serial killer, vigilante style, leading to a cat and mouse game between the two, with Stacey liking to taunt Kessler over the phone. But when Stacey decides to go after Kessler's daughter Laurie (Lisa Ellbacher), things get personal. Eventually Kessler catches the murderer, handcuffs him naked, and, when the nut brags about how he'll just plead insanity, Bronson blows him away. Boom! Goodnight! It doesn't get much better than this, but it does thanks to many topless and fully naked turns from June Gilbert, Jeane Manson, Ola Ray, and Patti Tippo. June shows all three B's as Stacey's coworker who he watches getting it in with her boyfriend in a van, before she has to flee when he starts stabbing. Before you get the van a rocking, find a safer place for the cocking! Meanwhile, the busty black babe Ola Ray shows tits and ass hopping into the shower and soaping her jugs before getting stabbed. Patti Tippo's a just our type party girl who is sexing her man when a cockblocking cop comes in, but not before we see her perky pair. But it's the perfect 10, Jeane Manson who really got us going in 10 to Midnight. Her top notch tits are on display as she has a chat with our killer about how much he's going to pay for their time together. She's going to end up paying with her life, but not before letting us see those heavy hangers! Sorry Cinderella, our cock will be dreaming of those plumpkins when the clock strikes 10 to Midnight