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The Big Easy

The Big Easy (1986)

Brief Nudity

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There’s something sultry about the City of Sin. That’s why we get hot under the collar while watching the New Orleans-set flicks Jezebel (1938), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), New Orleans Uncensored (1955), Frankie and Johnny (1966), Live and Let Die (1973), Pretty Baby (1978), Cat People (1982), Angel Heart (1987), Undercover Blues (1993), and The Whole Truth (2016). Of course, we must add The Big Easy (1986) to this list. The neo-noir flick drips with local color — as well as the oozing sex appeal of Ellen Barkin. The shapely babe plays Anne Osborne, the new D.A. in town. And judging by the shot of her panty-clad caboose, we’re guessing D.A. stands for “delicious ass.” During the course of the crime drama, Ms. Osborne initially investigates a string of supposed gang murders but that may not be the case considering the plot’s confusing twists. Pay no attention to the ins and outs of the complex story. You’ll have more fun if, instead, you focus on the ins and outs of Ellen in bed with her co-star Dennis Quaid. As Detective Lieutenant Remy McSwain, Quaid gets close to Ellen’s character. As such, we get to see Ms. Barkin bare her back and side rack in the sack. If that’s not erotic enough, the blonde hottie exposes her nude booty! Perhaps that’s why she was named Best Foreign Actress at the Sant Jordi Awards. Lord knows we should have given Ellen a prize since her performance in The Big Easy made us hard!