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Opposing Force

Opposing Force (1986)

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Over a decade before G.I. Jane (1997) hit the big screen, it was Lisa Eichorn that was the trailblazing military mama in the training gone awry drama Opposing Force (1986). Camp Hell is the toughest, grimiest, most unbearable survival school in the military. It's so tough, no woman has even attempted to pass it, until now. Despite protests from some of the higher ups, Catherine Casey (Lisa Eichorn) is going to give it a shot. After a quick disorientation, our recruits are dropped into the bastion of barbarity and rude abuse in a remote section of the Philippines. Once stranded in the jungle, the recruits are at the mercy of domineering and sadistic drill instructor Stafford (Richard Roundtree), who gives them all the shaft. But when Stafford and Commander Becker (Anthony Zerbe) waterboard, torture, and even start touching our girl's girly parts, it becomes clear these instructors have gone off the rails and this fight for survival is very, very real. Are these POW's going to end up MIA? Not before we see some amazing T&A! See, their regimen of deprivation and duress is often endured in the nude, which would be a total turnoff, except that one of the grunts is female and fully stacked. We get recruit hoot and glutes from Eichorn when she's stripped and interrogated by Becker, as well as when she is stripped and sprayed with some delousing powder. Camp Hell is made a whole lot less lousy when there's a hot as Hell female bouncing her funbags inside of it! Opposing Force is a solid source of Lisa Eichorn porn!