By Mike McPadden

October is the month of pumpkins, candy corn, and, here at skin central, no tricks and all teat. Jack your lantern to our round-up of the latest skintastic releases on DVD.

OCTOBER 2, 2007

Body and Soul (1994)
STUDIO: Questar
NUDE: Kristin Scott Thomas (FFN) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Following her brother's death in Masterpiece Theatre: Body and Soul, Sister Gabriel (Kristin Scott Thomas) decides to leave her convent temporarily in order to save the family knitting-mill business from bankruptcy. On the outside, Gabby thrives in business and is surprised to find herself attracted to a macho man at the mill. With hopes of piddling his knitting needle, she tries to curb her devilish desires. Once Gabriel has imagined fingers in her holy water, will the sister be able to resist her calling, or will she resign herself to having nun ever again? Holy Maria, we hope not!

Caligula: Special Edition (1979)
STUDIO: Image Entertainment
NUDES: Helen Mirren (FFN) (Picture: ), Teresa Ann Savoy (FFN, butt) (Picture: ), Adriana Asti (breasts) (Picture: ), Mirella D'Angelo (FFN, butt) (Picture: ), Anneka Di Lorenzo (FFN, butt) (Picture: ), Lori Wagner (FFN, butt) (Picture: ), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: Sir John Gielgud, Helen Mirren (Picture: ), Malcolm McDowell, and Peter O'Toole star in this porn movie about the decadence that was Rome. Yes, porn movie. Written by highbrow scribe Gore Vidal, Caligula tells the real story of the famously insane Roman emperor, complete with come shots, full penetration, spread beavers, slurped schlongs, and lap-liquefying lesbianism. Besides Helen, who loves to show off her funbags, blonde-bushed Teresa Ann Savoy (Picture: ) as the emperor's sisterly object of incestuous obsessiongoes full frontal, and Lori Wagner (Picture: ) and Anneka Di Lorenzo (Picture: ) leave no hole unlicked in their suck-a-thon from the days when Sappho herself might have joined in the fun. Mirella D'Angelo (Picture: ) gets it on with McDowell, who then shoves his fist up some greased man butt. That's artand never more artfully presented than in Image Entertainment's 2007 multi-DVD Special Edition package, which comes with (nearly) as many bonus features as there are no-name extras naked and copulating on screen in the film itself.

Jindabyne (2006)
NUDE: Tatea Reilly (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: A group of buddies goes fishing in the Australian town of Jindabyne and reels in a human female (Tatea Reilly) (Picture: ) who is, on the one hand, naked but, on the other, dead. Rather than report their grim find to the authorities, the pals fish for a few days and then ring up the cops on their return home. This ghastly display of a lack of compassion tears apart the marriage of fisherman Stewart (Gabriel Byrne) and Claire (Laura Linney), but viewers can console themselves in knowing that nude Tatea is only playing a stiff, while the intrusion you feel in your pants will prove to be the real thing.

Ladies Night (2005)
STUDIO: Timeless Media Group
NUDE: Ona Grauer (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Paul Michael Glaser, best known as the swarthy half of TV's original Starsky and Hutch duo, switches sides of the law in Ladies Night, a made-for-cable thriller about insurance fraud, a seductive swindler and . . . murder! Colin Ferguson portrays an investigator hot on the heels of Glaser's villain as the cad hooks up with lonely lovelies who have access to big bucks, convinces them to line his pockets, and then bumps them off to cash in on their top-ticket policies. One such vixen in this viper's snare is Ona Grauer, who shows her lady parts.

Plasterhead (2006)
STUDIO: Arts Alliance America
NUDE: Drae Williamson (breasts)
THE SKINNY: "True evil has no face!" announces the tagline. But clearly, it's got a noggin, as embodied by the titular terror in the indie fright flick Plasterhead. According to rural legend in a West Virginia town, a trucker named Ray Williams (Brian Dixon) was beaten so severely by the locals that he refused to die and instead took refuge in a cornfield where, every so often, some unfortunates wander in and taste the full bloody scope of his wrath. Also, Ray keeps his head wrapped in a plaster cast, hence the nickname. Plasterhead, then, details the torturous travails of a gaggle of young folk headed to spring break who happen upon that hellacious cornfield. Slashing follows, as do the breasts of Drae Williamson's body double (Picture: ), clean out of her shirt.

Rapturious (2007)
STUDIO: TLA Releasing
NUDES: Debbie Rochon (breasts) (Picture: ), Elisabeth Stephan (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Written and directed by Kamal Ahmed, a former Jerky Boy and real-life best friend of Howard Stern Show funnyman Artie Lange, Rapturious is a one-of-a-kind melding of supernatural scares, classic western tropes, cutting-edge hip-hop, and naked B-movie queen Debbie Rochon. Robert Oppel stars in the title role as a New York City rapper who, in a previous life, was lynched in nineteenth-century Arizona. In the present day, Rapturious battles a drug problem that leads to him using a powerful new hallucinogen that overwhelms him with violent visions. These hallucinations not only may be causing him to commit violence in real life, they also seem to open a portal for demons to enter the human dimension. Rapturious is a smart, unique scare-fest. Word.

Species: Collector's Edition (1995)
NUDES: Natasha Henstridge (breasts, bush) (Picture: ), Marg Helgenberger (right breast) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: The animal kingdom is full of females who give their male mates a tough time. Be thankful you're not a penis-wielding preying mantis, a black widow dude, or one of the hapless guys of Species. Like recurring scenes out of a guilty nightmare of punishment for erotic sins that were never even committed, the sacrificial males of Species are rendered defenseless by the wonderment of their unfathomable good luck. Here is top-notch, sultry, sexy blonde Natasha Henstridge (Picture: ). Her full, floating frontal lobes are exposed and beckoning, as are her liberally licked lips and her lust-drunk eyes. Who among us could resist this vision of the untouchably sublime made accessible and at hand? Well, we'd all be spaceman bait when Natasha transforms into a spike-spined alien and sucks our brains out, right through our skulls.

Species: The Awakening (2007)
NUDES: Helena Mattsson (breasts, butt) (Picture: ), Marlene Favela (breasts, butt) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: In Species: The Awakening, Swedish ber-beauty Helena Mattsson (Picture: ) ably takes up the nymphomaniacal naked-alien mantle originated by Natasha Henstridge in the first two entries of this popular sexy sci-fi film series. Here, Helena plays Miranda Hollander, a college professor who awakens to find that she probably slaughtered a whole mess of people she doesn't even remember meeting. For answers, she turns to her scientist uncle, who ultimately comes clean about a Mexican doctor whipping Miranda up in his lab using spaceman DNA. Miranda heads south of the border to find her test-tube-of-origin, only to transform into a foaming, flailing she-creature who needs to mate and then needs to kill whatever lucky fellow with whom she has mated. Species: The Awakening will have you up and at 'emwhere it counts.

SKINcoming - October 2007

OCTOBER 9, 2007

28 Weeks Later (2007)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox
NUDES: Catherine McCormack (right breast) (Picture: ), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo takes the reigns for 28 Weeks Later, a high-octane sequel to UK director Danny Boyle's 2003 hit 28 Days Later (2002). After a plague turns London into a cesspool of rampaging zombies, U.S.-led NATO forces secure a section of the city and declare it free of infection. Robert Carlyle plays a survivor who learns that his wife's blood may hold the key to creating an anti-zombie serum, but first he and their kids have to survive being hunted down by flesh-hungry ghouls and trigger-happy security squadrons. Wild action, apocalyptic visuals, and naked bodiesbelonging to both the living and the not-quite-so-livingcombine to make 28 Days Later an appointment worth keeping.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)
STUDIO: Weinstein Co.
NUDE: Whitney Able (breasts)
THE SKINNY: Blonde Amber Heard embodies the titular teenage temptress from Texas in the darkly funny, unexpectedly heartfelt fright movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Upon the arrival of Mandy at a new high school, her male classmates seem to be dying to meet herliterally. Even though early on one wannabe stud attempts to impress her with a high divebut misses the poolthe lust for Ms. Lane only expands, culminating with a weekend getaway in which a trio of hopefuls aims to land this Hole-y Grail. What follows is an orgy of drugs, booze, and (literally) shattered ambitions, handled in a brainy stylish fashion that renders Mandy Lane, both the character and the movie about her, an original stand-out in the genre of dead-teenager romps.

Dracula's Dirty Daughter (2000)
STUDIO: Camp Motion Pictures
NUDES: Alysabeth Clements (breasts) (Picture: ), Gentle Fritz (breasts) (Picture: ), Kellie Brown (breasts) (Picture: ), Diane Skiba (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Dracula's Daughter (1936) is an intense, atmospheric horror classic brimming with a lesbian subtext that remains remarkable for its time. Dracula's Dirty Daughter certainly boasts a different sort of intensity and atmosphere, but you can forget about any lesbian subtextthe girl-girl mammary-fanging is all clearly on the surface (and nicely executed too). Gothy-monikered Alysabeth Clements (Picture: ) plays the even-more-Gothy-monikered Vamparina, and with a name like that, it's not hard to deduce how she gets her kicks and, more importantly, licks. Aside from bedding and biting an endless bevy of lovelies, Vamparina has spent the past few centuries seeking out the vampire hunter who offed her old man. When she finally discovers his spirit in the form of a female college student, Vamp has a choice to makesex, violence, or both? This Dirty Daughter will get you to pop.

Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006)
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE:Cristin Michele (breasts, butt) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Night of the Living Dead 3D updates creator George Romero's 1968 original by bringing us human-hungry zombies in the present day, not to mention in full color and stumbling off your screen via the miracle of 3D! And with female nudity, to boot(y)! This version follows the first night by gathering a disparate group of survivors in a farmhouse where they must fend off rampaging cadavers. Adding fresh vigor to the classic set up is fright icon Sid Haig as mortician Gerald Tovar Jr., who may or may not be responsible for all the suddenly unoccupied graves. The sharp scares and gruesome violence are all rendered infinitely more jolting by the production's first-rate 3D effects, but certainly no segment benefits more from the ultra-real presentation than a haystack sex scene with firm-breasted, fine-bushed, full-frontally naked knockout Cristin Michele. She'll raise the dead in your lap!

Italian Stallion (1970)
STUDIO: Cinema Epoch
NUDES:Janet Banzet (FFN) (Picture: ), Henrietta Holm (FFN, butt) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Superstar Sylvester Stallone has never lacked for confidence. Long before his breakout hit Rocky (1976), the young thespian was known among casting directors and discerning cineastes to be brazenly cocky, as proven by the future superstar's stellar performance in Italian Stallion. Stallone's Stallion character is known simply and definitively as Stud, a moniker derived from the movie's original title, Party at Kitty and Stud's. The plot complexities are easily summed up: Stud has lightly rough sex with his girlfriend, Kitty. Afterward three more chicks show up, eager to party, and Stud goes a round with each. This feat of masculine endurance must certainly have planted a seed for Stallone's future displays of two-fisted resolve on the epic scale.

Pretty Things (2001)
NUDE:Marion Cotillard (FFN) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: In Pretty Things, Marion Cotillard (Picture: ) plays two characters, twin sisters Marie and Lucie, whose radically different lifestyles overlap when one of the sisters dies. The surviving sister decides to investigate her late sister's world and is plunged into a hothouse of sex, drugs, and power-hungry megalomaniacs. Cotillard takes it doggy-style and later, lying in bed, gives us a nice long view of the butterballs.

Rise: Blood Hunter (Unrated Edition) (2007)
NUDES:Lucy Liu (breasts, butt) (Picture: ), Cameron Richardson (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Rise: Blood Hunter chronicles Lucy Liu (Picture: ) as Sadie Blake, a newspaper scribe who's basking in the acclaim of an article she wrote on the happening Goth trappings of local hipsters. Sadie's piece, however, sheds light on what proves to be an actual vampire cult. Blood-sucking sect leader Bishop (James D'Arcy) is not pleased. His underlings, then, turn Sadie into one of their own, but she won't go to the dark side quietly. Rather than lie in her coffin and like it, Sadie instead embarks on a bombastic, relentless revenge spree against the ghouls. She's aided by Clyde Rawlins (Michael Chiklis), a renegade cop who has his own reason for wielding wooden stakes and holy water. Rise: Blood Hunter is scary, sexy, bloody, and showcases Lucy Liu's topless two. That'll raise the dead . . . in your pants!

The Sex Movie (2006)
STUDIO: Ariztical
NUDE:Michelle Mosley (right breast) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: With a name like The Sex Movie, audiences might expect a non-stop barrage of bare bodies engaged in the ultimate intimate situations. Well, not in this Sex Movie. Instead, we get a quartet of friends who are working in various capacities on a porn set blowing off steam by revealing their naked . . . emotions. The talk is highly titillating, though, and Michelle Mosley's right-side mammary provides its own brand of mouthful.

Shanghai Kiss (2007)
STUDIO: Anchor Bay
NUDE:Kathleen Lancaster (right breast)
THE SKINNY:Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere portrays the love interest in the intercontinental romance Shanghai Kiss, exhibiting screen-scorching heat that requires no translation. This offbeat, original film follows Liam Liu (Ken Leung), an Asian-American actor living in Los Angeles as he returns to his Shanghai roots after inheriting a home there from his grandmother. The plot provides a point of view not often explored in American cinema, fortified by the indisputable allure of blonde babe Hayden, who proves that sexy sirens, indeed, make the world go 'round.

Splatter Beach (2007)
STUDIO: Camp Motion Pictures
NUDE:Erika Smith (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Plasma-happy siblings Mark and John Polonia initially left a runny red mark on cinema with their 1987 cult favorite Splatter Farm. Now the camera-and-Karo-syrup-wielding bros are back with the sanguinary seaside assault Splatter Beach. Erin Brown (a.k.a. the once-and-forever Misty Mundae) portrays local lass Tess, who warns party-hearty visitors to Sea Bright Beach that monsters who hunger for human flesh lurk amidst the surf and, furthermore, the sand is crawling with fresh eggs laid by these creepies. Everybody laughsuntil the feeding, and then the screaming, starts. For fans of low-budget, high-energy scare flicks, Splatter Beach supplies one gloriously gory day in the sun.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox
NUDE:Crystal Lowe (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: The 2003 hit Wrong Turn depicted what happens when lost teens happen upon a clan of inbred cannibals in the backwoods of West Virginia. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End revises that basic idea to display the undoing of reality-TV-show contestants at the hands and (very few, but sharp) teeth of that same brood of cannibalistic yokels. The twist, though, is that the competitors on Ultimate Survivor: Apocalypse, the program-within-the-movie, are hardcore bad-asses who are ready, willing, and more than able to battle back against the hungry mutants. Among the more gung-ho is hothead-of-all-trades Henry Rollins. Vicious, violent, and a perfect place to catch an eyeful of lovely Crystal Lowe's (Picture: ) topless high-beams, Wrong Turn 2 is a righteous turn-on.

SKINcoming - October 2007

OCTOBER 16, 2007

NUDE: Camilla Power (breasts, butt) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Trainspotting (1996) star Johnny Lee Miller tackles the role of tortured nineteenth-century romantic poet Lord Byron in the BBC biopic Byron. The lusty Lord's fancy way with a quill back in the day made European lovelies weak in the kneesand quick to part them for his most prominent non-writing implement. Among the laid gentry is Camilla Power (Picture: ) as Lady Caroline Lamb. She bares her breasts and butt, and that's not baaa-d.

The Hoax (2006)
STUDIO: Miramax
NUDE: Julie Delpy (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: In the anything-goes 1970s, journalist Clifford Irving made quite the splash by co-authoring a probing autobiography of crackpot money titan Howard Hughes. The only problem? The whole thing was bogus. The Hoax casts Richard Gere as Irving and recounts the rise and fall of this fake, which plays out as a witty, gripping thriller. French dish Julie Delpy (Picture: ) is on hand with thrills of her ownnamely, the two naked parts of her you'll want to grip most. And that, Parisian booby fans, is no hoax.

Hollow Man: Director's Cut (2000)
NUDES: Rhona Mitra (breasts) (Picture: ), Kim Dickens (right breast) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Hollow Man is a perverse updating of the classic invisible man horror yarn. This time Kevin Bacon takes the potion and does what every red-blooded American male would do in his place . . . proceeds to peep on the pretty ladies. Rhona Mitra is seen topless in a prolonged voyeuristic scene. Earlier, Kim Dickens's breast is seen when Bacon exposes it for his own amusement. Sadly, going invisible has some bad side effects, like making Bacon go insane. But before he hits his inevitable downfall, this hollow man is full of tempting treats.

Planet Terror: 2 Disc Special Edition (2007)
STUDIO: Weinstein Co.
NUDES: Alicia Rachel Marek (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Originally released on a single bill with Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (2007) under the Grindhouse banner, writer-director Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror revives the bloody, chaotic fun of '70s and '80s zombie blowouts with some fresh thrills of its own. Marley Shelton plays a doctor married to a fellow physician (Josh Brolin) who is not responding well to her lesbian affair with Fergie. In the meantime, patients are pouring into their hospital with some sort of toxic infection, only to shortly thereafter keel over and come back to pseudo-life as flesh-hungry ghouls. One-legged stripper Rose McGowan leads a pack of her fellow peelers and a ragtag assemblage of lawmen, layabouts, and not-so-innocent bystanders in bombastic retaliation against the walking dead. Be sure to also watch the Rodriguez-helmed trailer for Machete that accompanies Planet Terror. It features bad-ass Danny Trejo as a barrio action hero, as well as topless hotties that include Alicia Rachel Marek.

The Woods Have Eyes (2007)
STUDIO: Echo Bridge
NUDE: Ashley Totin (breasts)
THE SKINNY: Never mind whatever may be peeping in them thar hills in the inventive stalk-and-slash flick The Woods Have Eyes. A group of youthful pals hikes into a forest in order to investigate the truth behind a legendary serial killer named Cappy. It turns out that there may be something to all those spooky stories and, what's more, Cappy seems to have spawned a couple of equally slay-happy offspring. The movie packs some original chills and two fine thrills when Ashley Totin goes topless. Watch the Eyes, and you'll have wood.

SKINcoming - October 2007

OCTOBER 23, 2007

Cutting Class: Unrated Edition (1989)
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Jill Schoelen (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Thank Brad Pitt's fame for Cutting Class getting the DVD treatment. It's one of his earlier screen ventures. He plays the stressed-out boyfriend of Jill Schoelen, the class virgin. No wonder Pitt's pissed. To make things more frustrating, someone is killing all of Jill's friends and teachers. That's really bad news because it means that Brenda James is at risk, and this hot cheerleader with the massive pom poms and a habit of forgetting her underwear is a sis-boom-broad! Roddy McDowall plays the principal without any principles, but he's the most relatable character. He can't get enough of these sexy teenage girls, and neither can we!

Gag (2006)
NUDE: Amy Wehrell (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: The premise of Gag is none too funny. Two creepy thieves break into a house in search of a hidden cash stash, only to come across some severely beaten sap. Then it's their turn. Gruesome horror ensues. . . get the picture? Prettying up the proceedings is Amy Wehrell, who, for contrast, provides a couple of savory items upon which anyone would be happy to wrap his lips. Gag will make you choke . . . your chicken.

Horror Rises from the Tomb: Special Edition (1973)
NUDES: Maria Jos Cantudo (breasts), Emma Cohen (breasts), Helga Lin (breasts)
THE SKINNY: The curse of a decapitated warlock haunts his family centuries later in the ripe Euro horror pastiche Horror Rises from the Tomb. Written by and starring Jacinto Molina (the real name of Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy), the film describes the torture and beheading of a knight and his wife in medieval France. When the man's descendants arrive at his mansion hundreds of years later, eager to lay claim to his head, he scorns their claim by subjecting them to an evening of hellish, flesh-tearing surprises. Regularly cited as a landmark in Spanish horror, Carlos Aured's film is also distinguishable for its sexy cast. Mara Jos Cantudo, Emma Cohen, and Helga Lin all interrupt fright night to reveal flashes of their bewitching female flesh.

Hostel: 2 Disc Director's Cut (2005)
NUDES: Jana Kaderabkova (breasts), Barbara Nedeljakova (breasts), Natali Tothova (breasts, butt), Sandy Style (FFN), Paula Wild (breasts)
THE SKINNY:Hostel sounds a lot like hostile but in fact means an inexpensive inn or place of lodging. But as this gory horror picture defines it, hostel is more hostile, featuring a bunch of young ugly Americans yahooing their way across Europe until sadists abduct them. They were just looking for a good time. Thankfully before all the bloody chainsaw action, they (and we) get in some nice sightseeing. Two unknowns, Jana Kaderabkova and Barbara Nedeljakova, are caught undressing. But there's tons of anonymous nudity as the boys make their hedonist way across the continent, including some full-frontal nudity and even photos of pussy lips that are lip-smacking good. Sadly the high times end with a hangover no hair of the dog can cure.

Hostel: Part II (2007)
NUDES: Heather Matarazzo (breasts, butt), Monika Malacova (breasts, butt, bush)
THE SKINNY: Eastern Europe remains rough-going for party-hearty American youths in writer-director Eli Roth's splat-tastic horror sequel Hostel: Part II. Whereas the original Hostel followed the ghastly misadventures of three college-age dudes, Part II switches genders and ups the mayhem considerably. Bijou Phillips, Heather Matarazzo, and Lauren German portray coeds who end up in Slovakia where they, then, meet variously inventive but uniformly unpleasant ends. Our heroines fall prey to moneyed sadists who travel the globe to live out their most depraved fantasies via an underground society that hunts down and delivers helpless nubiles to them for whatever their craven desires may be. The only requirement is that each victim gets killed . . . eventually. Hostel: Part II pays tribute to terrors of the past, both real and cinematic, by casting vintage '70s Euro-vixen Edwige Fenech and Italian cannibal-flick icon Ruggero Deodato in supporting roles, as well as recreating the legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory with a naked Heather, a naked Monika Malacova, an empty tub, and a series of long, slow, blood-draining cuts. The final series of jolts may seem especially cruel to male viewers in the wake of the undeniably erotic nudity, but that's only in keeping with the Hostel series' pitch-black prankster spirit.

Mr. Brooks (2007)
NUDE: Megan Brown (breasts)
THE SKINNY:Kevin Costner takes on the title role in the inventive serial-killer thriller Mr. Brooks. At the movie's start, Mr. Brooks seems to have curbed his murderous ways through addiction therapy, but Marshall (William Hurt), his demonic alter-ego, is nagging him for fresh blood. Soon enough, this formerly well-adjusted pillar of the community gets loaded and gets homicidal on a pair of strippers. Complicating matters is that Mr. Smith (Dane Cook) witnesses the crime and wants to join our anti-hero on a fatal spree. Demi Moore portrays a detective on the trail of Mr. Brooks, while Megan Brown supplies a couple of very pretty pink parts to offset all the flowing red.

Nearing Grace (2005)
STUDIO: Vivendi
NUDE: Jordana Brewster (butt)
THE SKINNY: Adapted from a 1979 novel by Scott Sommer, Nearing Grace casts Gregory Smith as New Jersey teen Henry Nearing, who's got his share of crises at hand. First his mom dies and he's got to scatter her ashes. Then he fails to see how severely his best friend Merna (Ashley Johnson) is in love with him. Instead, Henry goes ga-ga for Grace (Jordana Brewster, who ultimately proves bad for him but great for the audience, as we get to see her naked butt. Nearing Grace? Mr. Skin prefers to think of this winning coming-of-age tale as Rearing Grace.

Saw III: Director's Cut (2006)
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Debra McCabe (FFN) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY:Saw III is the sickest, scariest, most inventively agonizing entry in modern horror's premier extreme-film series to date. For fright fans, praise doesn't get any higher than that. This edition ups the ante of its gruesomely potent predecessors both in the realm of nihilistic terror and frighteningly sexy nudity. As diabolical mastermind Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) lies dying, he dispatches Shawnee Smith, as his henchwoman, to rig up all manner of nauseating tortures. Among the most ghastly set-ups in Saw III is the slow execution by freezing of Debra McCabe, who is chained to pipes full-frontally nude in a sub-zero room while being doused with ice water. It's totally hot.

SKINcoming - October 2007

OCTOBER 30, 2007

2103: The Deadly Wake (1997)
STUDIO: MPI Home Video
NUDE: Gwynyth Walsh (left breast) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: In the sci-fi sleeper 2103: The Deadly Wake, boozy, burnt-out sea captain Sean Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell) is commissioned by the sinister-sounding Proxate corporation to haul a ship full of prisoners to Nigeria. Once at sea, the old salt discovers that there's also toxic waste on board, not to mention a killer robot! As the CEP of Proxate, Gwynyth Walsh exudes pure evil, along with her left nipple.

Asi del precipicio (2006)
STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Ana De la Reguera (FFN, butt) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Mexican knockout Ana De la Reguera (Picture: ) brings scorching erotic heat and her magnificent naked peaks to the daring drama Asi del precipicio. Awash in nude bodies, kinky copulation, drug and alcohol abuse, gun violence, and other extreme displays of human (mis)behavior, Asi del precipicio effectively demonstrates some of the uglier aspects of life south of the border, but viewers can take comfort in the repeated looks at Ana in her altogether.

Bacterium (2006)
STUDIO: Pop Cinema
NUDE: Alison Whitney (FFN, butt) (Picture:)
THE SKINNY: B-movie auteur Brett Piper whips up a frenzy of toxic monster mayhem in Bacterium. Once again, pesky scientists tinker with nature and the results are ugly, ferocious, and highly interested in consuming human flesh. In this case, the specific result is a big green blob who displays all the aforementioned characteristics. It's up to a posse of paintballers, then, to battle the gelatinous behemoth, as well as to avoid getting offed by agents of the military-industrial complex who arrive to contain their slithering boondoggle via utter destruction. Alison Whitney (Picture: ) dedicates her entire body to the cause, and we get to eyeball every naked inch of its resplendence. Bacterium will grow on you.

Basket Case 2 (1990)
NUDE: Heather Rattray (right breast) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his parasitic twin escape the hospital that had been holding them and seek sanctuary in Basket Case 2. They find it in the home of a freak-loving granny. Not only does she take the two ghouls in, they even find love. Heather Rattray briefly exposes her boobies, but before Van Hentenryck can cop a feel their newfound happiness is interrupted by a pesky investigative journalist played by Kathryn Meisle. But in a surprise ending she gets the tables turned on her, Von Hentenryck tells her, "Gee, Marcy, you should see yourselfyou're the freak now." You'll freak out!

A Blade in the Dark (1983)
NUDE: Fabiola Toledo (breasts) (Picture: )
THE SKINNY: Italian horror maestro Lamberto Bava's ambitious giallo thriller A Blade in the Dark details the diabolical doings that go down after young musician Bruno (Andrea Occhipinti) is hired by fright-film director Sandra (Anny Papa) to score her latest psycho-killer opus. After being set up in a spooky house, Bruno begins to think that the scary movie has spilled over into real life. Blood flows, knives stab, and Fabiola Toledo busts out her Italian Alps.

Captivity (2007)
STUDIO: Lions Gate Films / After Dark Films
NUDE: Elisha Cuthbert (butt)
THE SKINNY: Bolstered by the most controversial movie ad campaign of the twenty-first century (so far), Captivity initially rattled upstanding citizens by riding the crest of horror's popular "torture porn" phase and then delivered even better than what those twisted posters promised by exposing star Elisha Cuthbert's plum posterior. Elisha plays actress-model Jennifer Tree, who is held in an underground maze. The twists are surprising, the suspense is intense, the gross-outs are genuinely gross, and Elisha remains quite the exquisite trooper through it all. Captivity is thoroughly captivating.