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Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II (2007)

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After the box office hit Hostel (2005), filmmaker Eli Roth draws from the same bloody well with his splat-tastic sequel Hostel: Part II (2007). While Eastern Europe remains rough-going for party-hardy Americans, Roth changes things up this time around. Instead of following the ghastly misadventures of three college dudes, this pic switches genders and ups the mayhem considerably. Now, comely coeds Lorna Weisenfreund (Heather Matarazzo), Beth Salinger (Lauren German), and a bikini-clad Whitney Swerling (Bijou Phillips) end up in Slovakia where they encounter variously inventive but uniformly unpleasant ends. Our heroines fall prey to moneyed sadists who travel the globe to live out their most depraved fantasies via an underground society that hunts down and delivers helpless damsels in distress to them for whatever their craven desires may be. The only requirement is that each victim gets killed … eventually. Lorna has a particularly bloody end when the naked babe is sliced open by an equally undressed villainess (Monika Malacova). If you can stomach the gore, the gals bare their three Bs! Indeed, Hostel: Part II pays tribute to terrors of the past by casting vintage ’70s Euro-vixen Edwige Fenech and Italian cannibal movie icon Ruggero Deodato in supporting roles. The movie also includes Vera Jordanova in skimpy swimwear. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie flashes her prosthetic rack. Not to be outdone, Iveta Rucka bares her breasts and be-thonged buns before attacking an unsuspecting john. In other words, this slasher movie may have you oozing bodily fluids other than blood!