Top 20 Sexiest Horror Films
Tits the season to jack your lantern! Join Mr Skin now in a countdown of the most arousing fright fests ever made. From flesh-packed slasher flicks to lesbian vampire chow-downs to haunted houses filled with screaming hotties, this randy round-up of more-than-just-hair-raising horror hits won’t leave you with a hollow wiener. We started yesterday with numbers 20 through 11, so be sure to get caught up. Here are the final 10!

Cat People10. Cat People (1982)

NUDES: Nastassja Kinksi (breasts, butt, bush), Lynn Lowry (breasts), Annette O’Toole (breasts), Tessa Richarde (breasts)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Hardly ever confused with Val Lewton’s 1942 original anymore, Cat People stars Nastassja Kinski (at her absolute most lap-liquefyingly sexy) as a member of a family doomed to transform, werewolf-like, into man-eating panthers upon having sex. Not only does Nastassja show off her deliciously thick pubic pelt, but Annette O’Toole bares her sizable suck sacks while going for a skinny dip, and don’t miss drive-in diva Lynn Lowry (Sugar Cookies) adding to the naked casaba count.

Nastassja Kinski in Cat People

The Devil's Rejects9. The Devil's Rejects (2005)

NUDES: Ginger Lynn Allen (breasts), Priscilla Barnes (breasts), Jessica Helmer (breasts), Sheri Moon (butt), Kate Norby (breasts, bush)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Heavy metal madman Rob Zombie follows up his directorial movie debut House of 1000 Corpses with The Devil’s Rejects, a trippy, nippy spelunk into serial-killer hijinks and sleazy recklessness. Real-life Mrs. Zombie Sheri Moon again lives up to her last name by baring butt, while vintage porn goddess Ginger Lynn Allen and Three’s Company kewpie doll Priscilla Barnes bust out bosoms bodacious enough to prove that, even under fatal pressure, they’ve still got (t)it. Kate Norby’s full-frontal demise is one for the ages.

Kate Norby in The Devil's Rejects

Dracula8. Dracula (1992)

NUDES: Monica Bellucci (breasts), Michaela Bercu (breasts), Sadie Frost (breasts), Florina Kendrick (breasts), Honey Smax (breasts, butt)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Gary Oldman breathes new life into the long-undead titular Count via Francis Ford Coppola’s celebrated take on Dracula. As Mina, Winona Ryder is all bosomy tease, so it’s up to the lust-igniting likes of vampire brides Monica Bellucci, Florina Kendrick, and Michaela Bercu to nakedly erect a wooden stake in viewers’ pants, which they do with supernatural power. Sadie Frost, as Lucy, also succumbs nude to the Nosferatu charms on display, while Honey Smax flashes her rack in a Victorian peep show. You’ll dig ’er!

Monica Bellucci in Dracula

The Return of the Living Dead7. The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

NUDES: Linnea Quigley (breasts, butt)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: “Do you wanna parrrr-tay?” So asks the theme song of the punk-rock flesh-eater blowout The Return of the Living Dead, which pits a mohawked gang of troublemakers and some terribly irresponsible scientists against an army of ghouls that they’ve unleashed from the slumber of death. Linnea Quigley, as Trash, declared herself the once-and-forever Scream Queen Supreme by performing a raucous striptease in a graveyard.

Linnea Quigley in The Return of the Living Dead

Vampyros Lesbos6. Vampyros Lesbos (1970)

NUDES: Soledad Miranda (breasts, butt, bush, lesbian), Ewa Strömberg (breasts, butt, bush, lesbian)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Vampyros Lesbos is a title that certainly needs no translation. Hyper-prolific Spanish horror maven Jess Franco gets cool and refined here, chronicling the commingling of Sapphism and vampirism between perhaps his two all-time most scorching female leads: goth goddess Soledad Miranda and flaxen vixen Ewa Strömberg.

Ewa Strömberg in Vampyros Lesbos

Halloween5. Halloween (1978)

NUDES: Sandy Johnson (breasts), P.J. Soles (breasts)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: John Carpenter’s original Halloween famously billed itself as, “The night HE came home.” But for turned-on viewers who lock in on the nudity from first victim Sandy Johnson and Rock ‘n’ Roll High School delight P.J. Soles, the slasher masterpiece may as well go by the tagline, “The night he CAME.”

P.J. Soles in Halloween

The Devil's Advocate4. The Devil's Advocate (1997)

NUDES: Connie Nielsen (breasts), Charlize Theron (breasts, bush), Tamara Tunie (breasts)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Al Pacino virtually breathes fire as Satan himself in The Devil’s Advocate, as he sets out to nail down the soul of hot-shot lawyer Keanu Reeves. The truly unholy heat, however, emanates from Charlize Theron as Keanu’s wife—who goes full-frontally nude in church!—along with Connie Nielsen and Tamara Tunie (both later of Law & Order: SVU) unveiling their milk horns amidst the flames of Hades, both figurative and literal.

Charlize Theron in The Devil's Advocate

The Hunger3. The Hunger (1983)

NUDES: Catherine Deneuve (breasts, lesbian), Ann Magnuson (breasts), Susan Sarandon (breasts, lesbian)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: For years, The Hunger stood as the ultimate lesbian-vampire experience. Tony Scott’s arty midnight movie perennial casts French legend Catherine Deneuve as an ageless glampire and Susan Sarandon as the busty New Yorker falling under her spell. When both beauties fall into bed together, the dead are guaranteed to rise in your lap.

Susan Sarandon in The Hunger

Hostel2. Hostel (2005)

NUDES: Jana Kaderabkova (breasts, thong), Barbara Nedeljakova (breasts), Sandy Style (breasts), Natali Tothova (breasts, butt), Paula Wild (breasts), numerous uncredited naked actresses

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: Horror wünderkind Eli Roth follows up his hit Cabin Fever with the even more outlandish—and way more nudity-packed—exploration of lawlessness and cruelty-for-profit Hostel. Three American college dudes get lured off their scheduled path by amazingly arousing Eastern European knockouts and they end up backpacking to their torturous doom. Along the way though, oh, what sights they see in the form of supermodel types in the throes of bare-bodied exhibitionism.

Barbara Nedeljakova in Hostel: Unrated Edition

Embrace of the Vampire1. Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

NUDES: Sabrina Allen (breasts), Glori Gold (breasts), Alyssa Milano (breasts, butt, bush, lesbian), Seana Ryan (breasts)

THE SCARY-HOT SKINNY: The lesbian vampire film is a skin genre unto itself, and Embrace of the Vampire is its potent pinnacle. All previous girl-girl bloodsucker endeavors lead to this Alyssa Milano nude star vehicle, and all that have come since must be measured against it. Forever shredding her squeaky-clean Who’s the Boss image by repeatedly shedding her clothes, Alyssa poses topless for photographer Charlotte Lewis, prompting one of the most arousing lesbo face sucks ever captured on film. Elsewhere, naked female nymphs alight the screen, creating an overall erotic atmosphere in Embrace of the Vampire that secures its place at the top of Mr Skin’s sexiest horror movies of all time!

Alyssa Milano in Embrace of the Vampire