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Embrace of the Vampire

Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

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Who’s the Boss?, you ask? Alyssa Milano is, says Mr. Skin. Always and forever. Don't you just love it when your little-boy crush on the girl next door turns into an big-man crush on the girl who grew up right in so many ways? Released three years after Who's the Boss ended, two years after she played Amy Fisher, one year before Poison Ivy II, and two years before she landed her role on Melrose Place, the movie Embrace of the Vampire (1995) fell right in the era of Alyssa proving she wasn't a little girl any more, and she could play an adult with no issues. Including nudity. Her character, Charlotte, is a college freshman looking to lose her virginity. Her choices are her safe, handsome boyfriend or a dangerous, handsome vampire. There's plenty of body-worshipping going on, all of it directed toward Alyssa. In one scene, she's having her photo taken by a hot photographer chick. Alyssa's top is undone, revealing two perfect and perky breasts topped by big, puffy areolas and petite nipples. And you don't just get a brief glimpse. You get almost a full two minutes to really check them out, examine them, admire them, see their weight and imagine their bounce. In another scene, you can see what they look like when they accompany her naked behind. And then there's the vampire orgy, with her back bent and nips reaching up to kiss sky while being kissed by both a guy and a girl. (Pause for deep appreciating.) Oh, there's some other naked chicks in the movie, too, who give big-naked-boob action. But really, do they even count when Alyssa Milano reveals her dynamic duo in so many titillating scenes?