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Lynn Lowry is one of the first and best in the sexy category we like to call Scream Queens. What is a scream queen? Well, it amounts to a lack of clothing and the propensity to be cast by low-budget horror-film directors in everything that they do. Lynn debuted in the no-budget schlocker The Battle of Love's Return (1970), which was directed by and starred Troma Films honcho Lloyd Kaufman. But Lynn made her nude debut in I Drink Your Blood (1971), stripping down for a sexy Satanic ritual. She scored a better-than-average role in Sugar Cookies (1973), which featured Lynn's sugar cookies and all of her full-frontal glory for the first time ever. After a brief turn on the equally brief series How to Survive a Marriage, Lynn returned to horror flicks. She got the lead in Shivers (1975), in which she portrayed a nurse who fell prey to a parasite that had been secretly introduced to her by some mad-scientist type and made her turn into a sex-crazed maniac. She then, through her sexual exploits, infected the majority of the people living in her Canadian apartment community. She ended up cat food in Cat People (1982) and has been missing in action since the mid-'90s. Even scream queens have to rest.

Top Scenes

Sugar Cookies (1973) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:06:00 Lynn flashes all three B's in bed with Woronov as they proceed to engage in some pretty sultry Lesbianic endeavors. (2 mins 14 secs)
Score (1972) Nude, breasts, bush 01:20:00 Lynn engages in some swingin' '70s group sex, going full-frontal and testing out the springs of a very strong mattress with a bevy of like-minded hornballs. (1 min 11 secs)
Sugar Cookies (1973) Nude, breasts, lesbian 01:04:00 Mary flashes her some more hootage in the bathtub, this time while getting friendly with cutie Lynn Lowry. (25 secs)
Sugar Cookies (1973) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:00:00 Mary makes sure Lynn is completely naked, feels her up with a gun...and then they proceed to wrestle! (2 mins)
Sugar Cookies (1973) Nude, breasts 00:52:00 Here's a great look at Lynn's fun-baggage while she poses for some photographs...taken, of course, by her lez-pal Mary. (1 min 8 secs)
Cat People (1982) Nude, breasts 00:17:05 Lynn's itty-bitties come out ever-so-briefly when her bra pops open after she frantically crawls down the stairs... (11 secs)
Shivers (1975) Nude, breasts 00:38:00 Great looks at Lynn's legendarily puffy nips as she slowly peels off a sexy outfit and changes into a form-fitting top. (46 secs)
Score (1972) Nude, breasts, bush 01:12:00 See Lynn's lefty and big, bountiful boosh as she wakes up chained to Claire. If only I had a nickel for every time THAT'S happened to me . . . (20 secs)


Odissea della Morte (2018) - as Movie star

Model Hunger (2016) - as Ginny Reilly

Cat People (1982) - as Ruthie

Fighting Mad (1976) - as Lorene Maddox

Shivers (1975) - as Nurse Forsythe

Sugar Cookies (1973) - as Alta / Julie

Score (1972) - as Betsy

I Drink Your Blood (1970) - as Carrie (Mute)

TV Shows

How to Survive a Marriage - as Sandra Henderson

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