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Immoral Tales

Immoral Tales (1974)

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Polish auteur Walerian Borowczyk lived in Warsaw as that city's glories were diminished by occupying Nazis and stultifying Communists, a witnessing that imbued him with a unique perspective about historical infamy. In Immoral Tales (1974), Borowczyk presents four vignettes that illustrate a selection of the most nefarious sexual misdeeds in the annals of Europe. The first Immoral Tale is more of an oral tail, since it's all about a dude (Fabrice Luchini) who takes his cousin (Lise Danvers) to the beach, to teach her how to give him a beej using the in and outs of the ocean to guide her in doing the job. We get to see Lise's lovely boobs and bush as she strips down to go for a swim, before the two lay in the surf and she gives him a sloppy, salt water aided sucking. The second vignette is based on an old French novel about a girl (Charlotte Alexandra) trying to remain a good Christian, but unable to keep her hands off her hooha. Eventually, we see all three B's as this busty babe spreads her legs and does a number on a cucumber! Lord have mercy! Number three is a serious work of art, largely because it stars Pablo's youngest daughter Paloma Picasso. She plays the infamous Elizabeth Bathory, who is rumored to have bathed in the blood of virgins in an attempt to stay young. Whether putting peals in a girls' lady spot, or just lying naked with another lovely lady, Paloma is nearly always naked in the film. Our pick for best ass is Picasso's! The last bit of tit comes in the story of Lucrezia Borgia, a historical figure supposedly so horny she defrocked via getting the D, all sorts of high ranking priests including her dad, the Pope. Florence Bellamy plays Lucrezia and we get a few tight shots of this thots' hairy bush and perky pair. Who knew the priesthood came with perks like playing with those? This is the stuff they need to teach in history class! After watching Immoral Tales, the moral of the story is, the past was ultra perverted, and we like it!