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Ms. Don Juan

Ms. Don Juan (1973)

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Director Roger Vadim reunites with his ex-wife and former muse Brigitte Bardot in Ms. Don Juan (1973), also known as Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme… and Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman. As the title suggests, the R rated flick follows a female version of the fictional libertine. Since Jeanne (Bardot) believes she is a reincarnated Don Juan, she uses her sexual charms to ruin many a male conquest. Or course, if you’ve got to go down, it may as well be between Brigitte’s beautiful legs! But will Jeanne’s desire to destroy hold true when a woman falls for her too? As the infamous lover, Brigitte doesn’t disappoint. The skinternational skinsation sizzles on screen in everything from orgies to lipstick lesbianism. Merci beaucoup! If that’s not skintillating enough, the blonde bombshell even defrocks a priest (Mathieu Carrière). Not only is this dude a man of the cloth, he’s also her cousin! And breast of all, we have a front row seat to all of the amorous action. Just 19 minutes into the movie, Mademoiselle Bardot exposes her nude boobage in the bath. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie reveals her rack, rump and muff an hour later. In between, Brigitte’s bare chest and derrière can be seen when she’s lounging in bed with nude ingénue Jane Birkin. As Clara, Jane presents her three Bs to Jeanne. And by three Bs, we mean breasts, bush and butt. Were you thinking it was big Birkin bag?