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Love at the Top

Love at the Top (1974)

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The life of meek bank teller Nicolas Mallet (Jean-Louis Trintignant) tells us that a bit of assertiveness is the key to success in Love at the Top (1974). A French flick based on a 1956 novel, the dark comedy concerns our timid teller who gets a little help from an old buddy of his who writes unsuccessful books named Claude (Vincent Cassel's dad Jean-Pierre Cassel). Claude coaches him on how to be a bit bolder, but Nicolas takes that idea to the extreme. While being super pushy might get you punched in real life, Nicolas finds that it gets him absurd amounts of financial, social, and sexual success. With his new attitude, it isn’t long before the former clerk is one of the most powerful men in Paris. But when you crack the code of how to get any lady you want to take your load, and realize it involves acting totally unlike yourself, is it really worth it? Yes, of course. What a stupid question. Have you seen the spank bank worthy women the former banker bones? Right off the bat, the black haired, tight derriered Betty Berr shows her boobs and buns when he takes her blanket off of her as she's sleeping. No blanket means bang, tits, and suddenly we're quite happy Nicolas made things a bit nippier for the sleeping beauty. Later, he pops open Romy Schneider's blouse to have a peek at her perfect peepers. Christine Boisson goes for a naked stroll while staying with Claude, and we get to see every inch of her bod. But the best nudity in this one comes from Jane Birkin, the slim seductress who completely strips, then stares at our hero while flashign all three B's. Then she sits on his bed in a tank top, but without any bottoms so that her kitty can feel the breeze. Just when we couldn't believe how much Birkin had us smirkin, she makes some tea in just a tee shirt, letting us see her butt as she greets Mr. Mallet as soon as he comes home. We love the toplessness, and bottomlessness, in Love at the Top!