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Fascination (1979)

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Muff-munching bloodsuckers with perky pairs they like to play with? Oh yes, that is something you'll be fascinated by! If it's lesbian vampires you want, then the French horror movie Fascination (1979) is your fare . . . served rare! It stars Jean Marie Lemaire as Marc, a thief on the run from the other thieves he screwed out of their gold haul, who holes up in a castle owned by two beauteous broads—Eva (Brigitte Lahaie) and Elizabeth (Franca Mai). They're bisexual broads who don't mind him sticking around, and getting sticky with him, so Marc doesn't feel any great need to move on. Why would he? Do some hiding, do some riding, he's got it made! Or so he thinks. Brigitte develops a thing for Jean, so she tries to warn him to leave the chateau before nightfall—but the prospect of heading out to face the dangerous gang that's on his tail pales in comparison to the thought of impaling sweet Brigitte. Jean decides to stay, but at a super-Sapphic shindig thrown by the wayward ladies, he comes to realize that his hostesses are Draculettes, their guests are pledges in a plasma-quaffing society of the damned, and he has a serious problem on his hands. But when his thief buddies show up, he just might have found some fresh blood to take his place. Our vag loving vamps were both willing to show some skin in this one, including in bed with each other. Franca Mai shows her buns in a warm embrace between Brigitte Lahaie's legs, though it's the hot blonde with the big tits, Brigitte, who was willing to flash her funbags. If your wang doesn't mind a bit of fang, it's a risk you should be willing to take! After all, those are two hot pieces of assination in Fascination