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Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales (1978)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Not a collection of erotic fairy tales, Fairy Tales (1979) tells the story of a prince who needs to create an heir to the throne but just can't consummate the deal. Not much of a plot, but who needs more to propel a good softcore movie? Along the way classic fairy-tale characters are introduced, such as Angela Aames as Little Bo Peep, Linnea Quigley as Sleeping Beauty, Melinda Utal as Little Red Riding Hood, and Marita Ditmar and Evelyn Guerrero as S&M dancers. Oh, wait, that's from Mr. Skin's private book of fairy tales. If you're trying to fast-forward to the nude scenes, go straight to the 22-minute mark to find Sherri Bragg's full frontal nudity. Her tits and bush look delectable after she appears in a mirror. Marita Ditmar And Evelyn's nude dance is a fantastic display at the 39-minute mark of both of their bushes, butts, and chesticles. At 71 minutes, Brenda Fogarty races around a palace with her left boob bouncing out of her top. Anne Gaybis will also create a big girthy one in your pants when her clothes are peeled off by seven dwarves. She's certainly the fairest of them all! Then there's Mariwin Roberts, who takes her clothes off for the win at the 20-minute mark as she stands in an elevator. We'd go down on that any day! There's little doubt why Fairy Tales is considered a movie worthy of the Hall of Fame of Nudity. There's enough tail in this fairy tale to make you hard for days!