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The Kentucky Fried Movie

The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

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Before Saturday Night Live, hipster writers put together counterculture sketch comedy films like The Groove Tube (1974) and Tunnel Vision (1976). The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) came along late, but many still claim that it’s one of the best. The movie’s best known for its definitive parody of kung-fu flicks, but the filmmakers were also smart enough to pioneer the concept of bringing in fading stars to goof on their glory days. They also brought in the hottest brazen beauties to bust out of their bras, and all in their prime—including Uschi Digard, Marilyn Joi, Lenka Novak, and Tara Strohmeier. Tara's tits and bush are particularly delicious in a scene that occur about 77 minutes in, when she shows off her fantastic fun baggage while having sex on the couch, as the folk on the TV watch them going at it. It's a long and funny scene, and will have you playing with your funny bone too! Uschi's and her great big bazookas get squashed up against the glass shower door, and you also get a great shot of her snatch at the 9 minute mark. If that's not enough to pop off a load, try a few minutes later when Betsy Genson bares her bountiful boobs on a couch. The best part is that she's next to other nude ladies showing off tits and bush. Any flesh fiend who uncovers this flick will not be disappointed, and will certainly see why it easily stands tall in the Hall of Fame of Nudity!