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Crack House

Crack House (1989)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Crack and criminals go together like feces and E. coli bacteria, and there can be no domestic bliss in a home overrun by any combination of those four. A pair of young lovers is basically good at heart, although they’ve been raised in a crappy slum and the boy has a rough-and-tumble history. Blessed with cinematic good looks and romantic inclinations, the couple yearns to escape the hatchery of evil that has spawned them and has consumed many of their friends and family, but a past on these mean streets creates certain obligations. The boy is busted participating in a revenge attack between competing crooks, and his lady is left to fend for herself on the broken boulevards and in the wicked back alleys. The only job available to her is dope dealer’s window dressing, a career path that leads to Crack House (1989) residence. Will her penny-ante paramour raise bail in time to rescue her from this pipe-fueled purgatory?