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Blade Runner (1982)

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Harrison Ford is Rick Deckard, a retired lawman in la-la land in the decidedly dystopian world of Blade Runner (1982). Harrison's hellish L.A. is a polluted corporate landscape . . . but it's fiction. Really. It's 2019 there, and the Tyrell Corporation is making bank with its brand of super-realistic androids. These replicants are so realistic that the police department has to employ detectives to hunt down and snuff out the rogue elements among them. Harrison's boss, M. Emmett Walsh, calls him for just such a job—a group of homicidal humanoids, led by Robot Rutger Hauer, are on the loose, and only Han Solo can make these robos a no-go. After meeting with weirdie bossman Tyrell himself (Joe Turkel), Harrison tracks down his first target, the fabulously funbag-baring Joanna Cassidy. Just as surely as androids dream of electric sheep, you'll be dreaming about Joanna's fantastic teats! But she's not the only eyeball treat; after eliminating Cassidy's fine ass-idy, Harrison is saved by the savory Sean Young, who's a robot and doesn't know it. Plus Daryl Hannah plays a pleasure model who's plotting bad, bad things with Rutger. Will Harrison be able to stop him, or will the replicants win?


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